Thursday, December 26, 2013

Evo Kits and FFG Upgrade Status Update

The demand for A700 Evo 1/10th touring car kits and FFG Upgrade kits has been very high.  The first order of has shipped out just before Christmas and the next order is scheduled to arrive the 2nd week of January.  We continue to accept back orders for both car kits and upgrade kits.  As soon as shipping confirmation for the second (and third) order is provided we will update existing back orders with an expected shipment date.

Thank you everyone for your patience.  Be on the lookout for new kits and conversions at the track over the following two weekends.

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evo and FFG getting even closer --- and a look into future option parts!

A limited quantity of A700 Evo kits and FFG upgrade kit are bound to arrive on Monday.  Pre-order customers are getting the first shot to get these new kits and parts.  The desire is to ship all pre-order customers on Tuesday.  Any orders received in addition will be fulfilled once the pre-order customers are shipped to.

The manual addendum for both the A700 Evo (an A700L w/ FFG) and the FFG upgrade kit is now available.  Within the manual you will see the parts included with either the car kit, or upgrade kit--

  • FFG Floating Front Gearbox Set
  • AM40 FFG Rear Plate
  • AM41 FFG Gear Box Support
  • AM42 FFG Link Holder Front
  • AM43 FFG Bulkhead 
  • AM44 FFG Gear Box
  • AM46 FFG Front plate
  • AM48 FFG Shaft Support
  • AM49 FFG Tower
  • AM50 FFG Rear Stopper
  • AM54 FFG Link Holder Rear
  • AM56 FFG Clamping Bar 
  • P31 FFG Front Stopper
  • C31 FFG Carbon Rod
  • ST24 4.8mm Ball Stud 
  • DT04 FFG Collar
  • B74RS MR74RS Bearing 
  • SF3X6 M3x6 Flat Head Screw 
  • SB25X8 M2.5x8 Button Head Screw 
  • SC2X6 M2x6 Cap Head Screw 

And there are new optional parts that will be available (some sooner than others).  Notable additional products include a variety of top decks for the FFG kit(s), the Alloy Chassis, GD2, and the flexible caster block (FCB).

  • C21 FFG Top Deck Narrow
  • C22 FFG Top Deck Wide
  • C18 FFG Top Deck Link
  • C31S FFG Carbon Rod Soft
  • ST34 FFG Steel Rod
  • AT31 FFG Alloy Rod
  • C01AL Alloy Lower Deck
  • AM30 Chassis Stiffener
  • AM33 Chassis Stiffener Long
  • AM12-1 Battery Holder
  • P06-1 Downstop Collar
  • SWB14 Sway Bar 1,4mm
  • AT123 GD2 Case1 (part of GD2)
  • AT124 GD2 Case2  (part of GD2)
  • ST31 GD2 Output Axle  (part of GD2)
  • SS3X4-1 M3x4 DIN915 Screw  (part of GD2)
  • OR13 13mm O-Ring  (part of GD2)
  • P36 Flexible Caster Block (FCB)
  • P38 FCB Link
  • OR08 FCB O-Ring 
  • AM28 FCB Link
  • ST33 FCB Screw
  • AT33 FCB Hex Shim
  • P13-4 Ball End
  • SB25X5 M2.5x5 Button Head Screw
  • AS-700L BLS Servo
  • C32 Carbon Main Shaft
  • G07 GD2 Satellite Gear
  • G08 GD2 Bevel Gear
  • P39 GD2 Cross Pin
  • WA02 Washer 3.5x9.5x0.2
  • WA03 Washer 5x15.5x0.3

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Awesomatix USA Caster Doodles and Tranny Tool

Awesomatix USA is proud to announce our latest custom parts for Awesomatix Touring Cars.

The Awesomatix USA Caster Doodles are new improved with a new, easier to read design. They are designed to be mounted on either the AM06 or AM06S to fine tune caster settings. In the picture the silver caster doodle is shown with a A700EXL, carbon fibre setup board and Hudy Gauges. All of these additional items are not included.

Our second tool - the Tranny Tool - has been updated with Freddy S├╝dhoff's favorite phrase -- MAXIMUM. The tranny tool is a carbon 10mm and 12mm wrench. They are a great alternative to the heavy 10mm and 12mm wrenches used to tighten the gear diff or spur gear nut

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Roberto Falcon wins 17.5T at 2013 Minnreg Turkey Shoot

The 2013 Minnreg Turkey Shoot was held this past week by Mike Boylan and company in Florida.  It is a three day race featuring Oval racing Saturday and Road Racing on Sunday.  This is one of the few times over the year that Flordia road racers go indoors and compete on carpet.  In the largest and most competitive Road Racing class - 17.5T Rubber Touring - Roberto Falcon, in his first outing with the Awesomatix A700L USA Spec, hung tough through qualifying learning how to tune and setup his car while battling round after round for TQ in the class.  When qualifying was finished TJ Bradley was the Top Qualifier, with Mark Burt 2nd and Roberto Falcon 3rd.  All three drivers were separated by less than one second.  Prior round TQ, Cory Parsons, would end up 4th qualifier after the final rocket round.

In the A-final, TJ, Mark and Roberto (2nd white car) got out front and started to break away from the back.  Roberto got by Mark and started chasing TJ.  Half way through the race TJ piped it and the top 4 cars all collided.  Roberto was the first out of the pile with Cory in hot pursuit.  Roberto held up to one minute of pressure from Cory until he tapped out too allowing Roberto to cruse to the win, followed by Mark and finally Cory taking 3rd.   

Roberto summed up his first race experience by saying --
"Every adjustment I made to the car only got better .. I'm really impressed.  Well engineered to say the least"

Heading into Snowbirds Roberto should feel really good about his past weekend's performance.  Now all he needs is a t-shirt and a non-white paint job!  Congrats again Roberto!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Awesomatix Sweeps Top 3 of Spec GT @ 2013 Timezone Grand Prix

The 5th annual Timezone Grand Prix was held at Timezone II on a large carpet indoor track.  Brent Klingforth lead Team Awesomatix USA to TQ + Win the Spec GT class with Jaybee Bryson and Franko Roberts locking out 2nd and 3rd with their Awesomatix A700L USA Spec touring cars!

Three Awesomatix cars made Modified Touring Car A-main with Kody Knudtson qualifying 3rd, and finishing 2nd followed by Blake Bell in 5th, and Jake Danilchik in 10th.

Four Awesomatix cars in the 17.5T Touring Car A-main, more than any other manufacture, with Brent Klingforth qualifying and finishing 2nd, and finished 2nd follow by Jake Danilchik in 8th, Mike Malikinson in 9th , and Frank Bartilozzi in 10th.

Big thanks for all of the Awesomatix runners for making it out to the event.

New Option Parts in Stock - GD2 and AM12-1

Just in are two new option parts are now in stock

  1. GD2
  2. AM12-1 -- Battery Holders -- that replace the P23 and prior AM12.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

New Gear Diff - GD2 - Now taking pre-orders

The brand new large gear diff is available for early access.  The GD2 is not a 100% complete offering.  This new design yields the smoothest diff yet.  

The plastic components are not yet ready, but alternative parts can be purchased from another manufacture until the new parts are available.  More info available at

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Awesomatix and Karl Hoffmeister Wins Halloween Classic 17.5 TC

The Halloween Classic @ Norcar at The Gate is a yearly race held in Cleveland, Ohio. This race has some of the tightest competition of the year -- so much so that this year's event sold out 2 months early! Team Awesomatix USA was well represented in all touring car classes.  Big thanks goes out to all of our team drivers and customers for representing the brand so well!

In the highly competitive 17.5T TC class, the Awesomatix A700L USA Spec took 5 of 10 qualifying spots including TQ'ing each of the 4 rounds of qualifying, and sweeping the top 3 positions in both qualifications and the A-main.  For the first three rounds Larry Fairtrace set and re-set TQ each round.  In the final round of qualifying Awesomatix drivers Larry Fairtrace, Mike Gee and Karl Hoffmeister were all battling for TQ against the competition.  At the end Karl took the TQ by 0.7 seconds over Larry and then Mike.  In the A-main, Karl, Larry and Mike all successfully got away from the pack and ran away into the distance allowing everyone else to battle for 4th.  Karl took home the win by 0.2 seconds from Mike with Larry 2 seconds behind in 3rd.  Mike Hanulec finished 6th, and Danny Jenkins 9th rounding out the rest of the Awesomatix drivers in the show.

Within the USVTA Class, John Choi TQ'd with his Awesomatix A700L USA Spec. John had a rough start, but recovered to finish 2nd while setting the fastest lap by 0.1s over the winner Myron Kinnard.

Finally, Mike Hanulec finished 3rd in 13.5T TC and Mike Gee finished 4th and Brent Kingforth 7th in Modified TC.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vegas baby, Vegas!!!

Just a heads up to everyone out there (in case you missed the data on the calendar).  We are going on vacation -- heading to Las Vegas for a little pre-IIC fun and games.  Awesomatix USA will be shipping orders received until 10pm eastern Wednesday, October 2nd.  After this time new orders will be accepted online --- but these orders will not ship until Tuesday, October 15th.  If anyone needs parts between now and then you'll have to

  1. Find us starting on Monday, October 7th at the Rivera Hotel in sunny Las Vegas for the IIC.
  2. Reach out to one of our great dealers

Monday, September 23, 2013

Last order before IIC arrived!

The last shipment prior to IIC has arrived.  Kits and parts are in hand.. but moving fast. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More track time and restock of ORCA and Gravity

The collective set of Awesomatix USA drivers have been running a ton of laps over the last week working on carpet setups.  I'm seeing lots of smiling A700 owners --- and more and more owners of the "other guys" cars looking on.  Should be a fantastic indoor carpet season!!

A re-stock of ORCA motors and 7000mah batteries just came in and a moving quickly.  The new Gravity LGC Carpet Traction Compound and the 2.5 million weight silicone are back in stock.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Setups and t-shirts 2.0

Hopefully everyone has been hitting the carpet by now.  The boys at Middle River Hobbies and 5280 Raceway have been working on a few setups already.  With a few weeks left heading up to the official start of the indoor season, the International Indoor Champs in Las Vegas, I know you'll see more and more setups available.  Although I know everyone cannot make it to IIC, the A700L USA Spec has been turning heads while taking TQs and Wins across North America.  Just last weekend Karl Hoffmeister took the TQ & Win at Middle River's IIC Warm Up race.

All Awesomatix runners will be able to get their hands on our new black t-shirts starting at IIC in just a few weeks --

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Awesomatix Hard Bumper - gets your for this indoor season!

Just arrived -- the Awesomatix Hard Foam Bumper -- from our friends at John's BSR.  This is a must have part for any indoor racer.  Based upon the A700-P15 design, we tested various different compounds of foam to find the perfect option for the A700 to offer added protection without excess weight.  Weighting only 14 grams, this is the best bumper option available today!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stocking up for the indoor season!

Orders have been coming in and flowing out at a fantastic rate.  Two new shipments arrived from today -- one from Awesomatix, the other from Wild Turbo Fan -- bringing up stock capacity on many items.

Many new A700 kits are hitting the carpet as we speak.  Hope to see some great results, and new setups appearing soon...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Yet another re-stock!

Hi all - kits and many different parts are back in stock again.  I'm fulfilling kit back orders now, but some still remain.  Don't be left waiting for yours yet again...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Awesomatix wins three classes at ROAR Regionals last weekend!

Team Awesomatix USA competed in within two different ROAR Asphalt Regionals - Region 2 and Region 5 - sweeping the Modified Touring Classes, and winning Stock Touring in Region 2.

Region 5 Regional-

After rescheduling this race due to rain a few weeks ago, ROAR Region 5 took to the track again. The race was hosted by TSRCAR at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio. Team driver Monti Panzica reports --

"The day stared off with rain so I was not able to do any testing with FDR in 17.5T Touring. Dave Johnson showed (VBC driver & 2012 ROAR National Champ in 17.5T Asphalt) so I was sure he was going to be fast. I missed tq by 0.7s to Dave after three rounds of qualifying. I felt my car lacked a little punch out of the corners so I made a gearing change for the main.  In the main I was battling for the lead and took it from Dave but I was drilled a few times in the next corner.  After marshaling I came back to finish fourth and set fast lap in the main.

In Modified Touring I tq'd by 7 seconds and on my own lap, I was also able to bring home the win. Dave Johnson finished 2nd."

Monti raced a Awesomatix A700L USA SPEC in 17.5T and a A700EXL in Modified.  

Region 2 Regional Race Series 3 of 3-

The third leg of a three race Region 2 Asphalt Championship series finished up at John's Mobile RC/Middle River Hobbies.  The parking lot track had great traction, and rewarded drivers cutting super tight lines.  

In a deep field of 17.5T Touring cars, Larry Fairtrace came out to run a borrowed Awesomatix A700 USA SPEC car again after his previously TQ+Win a month ago at Jackson RC.  Four Awesomatix touring cars qualified for the A-main -- Larry TQ, Mike Gee 5th, Karl Hoffmeister 7th and Mike Hanulec 9th.  Larry proceeded to TQ and Win the first two A-mains uncontested.

Due to some unfortunate tie-breaking rules, Larry's dual TQ + Wins wasn't enough to give him the overall win for the series after not attending the first event.  I think everyone who attended the event knew who the real winner was!

The top 5 in 17.5T for the three race series was:

1. Mike Herald Jr.
2. Larry Fairtrace - Awesomatix A700L USA SPEC - 2x TQ & 2x Wins!
3. Danny Jenkins
4. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700L USA SPEC
5. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700L USA SPEC

In Modified Touring car, the battle for TQ was between Team Awesomatix driver Mike Gee and Team Associated driver Mike Haynes.  Haynes took the overall TQ, but after running triple A-mains Mike Gee took the overall win for the day!  This win, combined with his Jackson TQ + Win and Debbies TQ gave Gee the Modified series crown.

The top 3 in Modified TC for the tree race series was:

1. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700
2. Mike Haynes
3. Robbie Dodge

Welcome Danny Jenkins

Awesomatix USA sponsored the 17.5T Touring class for this Region 2 series, and offered a sponsorship + Awesomatix kit to the overall winner.  Region 2 is known for their super fast stock racers, so helping bring another racer into the family is goal to build up the team.  The two top in the series turned down the sponsorship due to existing committments, but we are happy to welcome Danny Jenkins to the Awesomatix USA family of racers.  Danny is a well known regional and national competition who has made many stock A-mains in past national events.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lowered Pivot Balls (AT21S) and parts restock!

Limited quantities of the lowered pivot balls - AT21S - arrived today along with a large parts restock.

ORCA TX SPEC Motors, capacitors and speedos

A big shipment of ORCA products showed up on Monday.  This is the first shipment of the new TX motor line that is going fast.  These motors are pending ROAR approval and should be resolved as soon as motors are available through enough vendors.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Awesomatix USA Tranny Tool

Awesomatix USA has created a 10mm and 12mm carbon wrench - the Tranny Tool -  to help lighten up your tool box.  This wrench is perfect for working on either the gear diff or spur nut.  

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introducing the A700L USA SPEC

After a few months of testing and racing in North America, there was one hop-up part that nearly everyone was buying, the AM06S Short Hubs.  Awesomatix USA has worked with Oleg to bring a A700L USA SPEC 1/10th Electric Touring Car Kit that includes a complete set of AM06S instead of the AM06.  Hopefully racers will enjoy the $70 USD savings!

With this update, we've restocked a lot of parts too.  The inventory on all the various part numbers will increase over the weekend, but the major out of stock items have been updated in inventory.  More updates after today's local racing....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Awesomatix USA Sweep the ROAR Region 2 Championship Series Leg 2 @ Jackson RC

Race report from our team driver, Mike Gee---

"Awesomatix USA did work at the ROAR Region 2 series Leg 2 @ Jackson. in 17.5, A700's locked out the top 3 in qualifying (Larry, myself, FJ respectively). This is particularly impressive I think, as the 17.5 field was so stacked a former ROAR 17.5 TC champ missed the show. In mod, we had 3 cars again in the A, with myself TQ, Matt Abey 6th and FJ 7th.

FJ had a rough go in the 17.5 mains, but Larry won the 1st 2 of the triple A's easily, and I was 2nd. Mike Haynes completed the 17.5 podium.

I won the first 2 mains in mod, and FJ had better luck here, improving to 4th, and Abey holding steady at 6th. Mike Haynes and Robbie Dodge completed the mod podium.

FJs 17.5 setup is money, I drove his car after the mains. Very easy to drive. Both FJ and Larry ran that setup. My mod setup is the same way I'd like to think, I know Abey liked it."

Thanks to Mike Gee for the report and the awesome performance this past weekend. Also big thanks to my friend, Larry Fairtrace, for taking my "rent-a-ride" for a spin and showing me that he is 5 seconds faster with an identical car :). Congrats also go out to Jerry Perez and Joel Vautour for their strong B-main runs in 17.5T.

The final leg of the ROAR Region 2 Championship is Saturday, July 27th at John's Mobile RC/Middle River Hobbies.  The overall winner of the 17.5T touring car class will win an Awesomatix USA sponsorship and a A700 touring car!  Hope to see even more Awesomatix cars in the pits next month!!

17.5T Qualifications-
  1. Larry Fairtrace - Awesomatix A700L
  2. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700L
  3. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700L
  4. Sam Isaacs
  5. Jeff Cuffs
  6. Mike Haynes
  7. James Cranmer
  8. Warren Weaver
  9. Al Sodano
  10. Danny Jenkins
Modified Qualifications-
  1. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700EXL
  2. Robbie Dodge
  3. Mike Haynes
  4. Matt Ward
  5. Jeff Stowe
  6. Matthew Abey - Awesomatix A700EXL
  7. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700EXL
  8. Al Sodano
  9. Barry Lofton 
  10. Shawn Hensley

17.5T Race Results (after triple A-mains)
  1. Larry Fairtrace - Awesomatix A700L
  2. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700L
  3. Mike Haynes
  4. James Cranmer
  5. Sam Isaacs
  6. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700L
  7. Jeff Cuffs
  8. Danny Jenkins
  9. Al Sodano
  10. Warren Weaver
Modified Race Results (after triple A-mains)
  1. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700EXL
  2. Mike Haynes
  3. Robbie Dodge
  4. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700EXL
  5. Matt Ward
  6. Matthew Abey - Awesomatix A700EXL
  7. Al Sodano
  8. Barry Lofton
  9. Shawn Hensley
  10. Ralph Morella
  11. Joe D.
  12. Eric Lee
  13. Jeff Stowe
17.5T A1
Modified A1

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Xenon Racing products now available!

The first stocking order from Xenon has arrived!  It contains 48P and 64P spur and pinion gears.  The Xenon gears are the most true and lightest available in the industry.  They are the perfect mate for the super efficient Awesomatix drive train.

Also available is their Joint Protect Grease for drive shafts and gears and the much sought after Smart Camber Gauge.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Team Powers motors in ... And going fast!

Yesterday we received a bunch of 17.5T and 13.5T Team Powers Plutonium motors.  Orders have already come in so a restocking request has already been sent to the vendor.
The Team Powers motor at the hands of Austin Brumblay and Aaron Young finished 1st and 2nd at the 2013 Reedy Race just last month at NorCal.
Three motor configurations are being stocked-

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kits and Parts restock!

Just received a new stock order today.  Back in stock is the Reedy Race Winning A700L and the Spur Dampener System.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gravity RC Tire Traction and Silicone Diff Putty in stock!

Now available at Awesomatix USA are all of the tire traction and tuning accessories from Gravity RC to help dial in your touring car outdoors this summer.  Two traction compound options are now available

  1. LG1 - great as a tire cleaner, and first run tire additive
  2. LG2 - the perfect traction compound for 2+ run rubber tires tires on asphalt
Gravity RC traction compounds work great with and without applying tire warmers.  Use LG1 to clean your tires to remove oil and debris.   The apply a little bit of LG2 (just put on a few dabs) and then using your hands spread the traction compound around the tires completely.  Let sit for 20-30m until dry, and then dominate the competition.

Also available is the 2.5 million Silicone Diff Putty to make a consistent, and nearly locked front diff.  A stiff front diff is a great tuning alternative to a front spool.  Many races find it can increase corner speed, and improve overall drivability.  

Friday, May 31, 2013

Spur Dampener In-stock

Awesomatix has just released a new set of option parts - Spur Dampener set - which is compatible with all A700 cars. This new system has damping from the o-rings which softens the reaction from the motor and makes the shaft transmission more similar to belt transmission when the throttle or the brake are applied. Lap times become more consistent and the car is easy to drive. In order to install this system you should increase the two current holes on the spur gear to 5mm.

Additionally, the AT12M spur nut can be used with the standard AT20 also instead of the stock AT12 nut. This allows you to pack one less tool (a 12mm wrench) in your toolbox, and instead using a 1.5mm hex driver to change spurs.

We have a limited supply of the Spur Dampener set available now, with more coming on the way!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

17.5T Domination - Awesomatix TQ and Wins 17.5T at the 2013 Reedy On-Road Race of Champions

Team Awesomatix USA drivers dominated practice and qualifying in the 17.5T class by locking out the top 3 qualifying positions. The trio of Kyle Bergstrom, Austin Brumblay and Aaron Young where consistently faster than the competition turning laps in the low 16s range (same speed as 13.5T) while everyone else was in the mid/high 16s range.

Additionally, in the 13.5T class, Mark Dawson qualified 10th.

17.5T Race Summary

In A1, Kyle and Austin rocketed to a quick lead while Aaron ran into some trouble on the first lap. It was clear that Aaron had a dominant car as he drove back up through the field to eventually finish just behind Austin. The trio finish in qualifying order - Kyle, Austin and Aaron.

In A2, Kyle and Austin broke away from the pack again. At the 2m mark Kyle and Austin had a racing incident that eventually caused Kyle to drop out. Austin would win, and Aaron finished second.

In A3, the overall win was still up for grabs. The race quickly developed with a 3 car Awesomatix breakaway from the field. This time the trio of Kyle, Austin and Aaron was out front - pressuring one another to go faster and faster. Kyle ended up grabbing too much curb and fell out of the race. This left the battle to Austin and Aaron, and they finished in that order. Even after not finishing the last two races, Kyle still scored a 5th overall.

13.5T Race Summary

In A1, Dawson had a strong start, he quickly worked through traffic and managed to get his car into contention. He was placed as high as 3rd and finished 4th.

In A2, Dawson has less luck on the start and only finished 6th overall. He was happy with his setup changes and expecting much more in A3.

In A3, Dawson had some good battles on his way to 6th place finish. After losing a tie-breaker in in qual points, he finished 7th overall.

Race Results-
17.5T Touring Car Finishing Order
1. Austin Brumblay - Awesomatix A700L
2. Aaron Young - Awesomatix A700L
3. Ryan Cooper
4. Joven Madriaga
5. Kyle Bergstrom - Awesomatix A700EXL
6. David Zorn
7. Cameron Wagner
8. Devin Patterson
9. Paul Dabao
10. Michael Montuy

13.5T Touring Car Finishing Order
1. Gonzalo Cortes
2. Sean Maybell
3. Bob Stellflue
4. Antonio Caroli
5. Joven Madriaga
6. James Davenport
7. Mark Dawson - Awesomatix A700L
8. Art Scrimo
9. Oliver Clipper
10. Eric Kim

17.5T A1, A2, A3
13.5T A1, A2, A3

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reedy Race and Jackson Memorial Day Race

This weekend a bunch of Awesomatix drivers will unite on both coasts looking for victory.  The Reedy Race at Nor-Cal Hobbies in Northern California and the Jackson Memorial Day Race in New Jersey will be the spots with all of the action. 

Feel free to stop by and ask questions to any of the Awesomatix runners.  Everyone is excited to talk about their cars.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big parts shipment in

Just performed a huge inventory update for nearly 50 part numbers.  If you had been waiting on something to come back in stock, the time is now.  If your looking for a part that we are not stocking, please contact us!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ROAR Region 2 Championship Series

Starting Saturday, May 18th at Debbie's RC World is the first leg of the ROAR Region 2 Championship Series.  Two touring car classes will be competing - 17.5 Blinky and Modified.  The race series is a best two of three also visiting Jackson RC and John's Mobile RC/Middle River Hobbies.  The winner of the 17.5 Blinky class will win an Awesomatix touring car!

Monday, April 29, 2013

ORCA Speedos and Batteries in stock!

Just in time for the ROAR Asphalt Nationals -- who needs some power?  Now in stock the ORCA VX Titanium 2S Speedo and their new ORCA INFINITE LIPO 7000mah 7.4V 80C 2S Lipo.  Both are ready to ship, along with Team EA Motorsports 6500 70C 2S Lipo.

Orders will be processed for the next 24 hours as we will be going to the Asphalt Nationals on Wednesday. New orders are always accepted -- and inventory is always up to date.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kits restocked

Kits are in, and back orders will be fulfilled and shipped tomorrow.  All three models are available and in stock.

Please remember with the 2013 ROAR Asphalt Nationals next week, Awesomatix USA will be closed from Wednesday, May 1st to Monday, May 6th.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Parts restocked, kits arriving tomorrow

Just completed a parts restock of the store.  Added inventory items for the A700L and A700EX.  A restock of A700EXL and A700L kits will arrive tomorrow.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Don't wait to get yours!

We just placed another kit order.  Limited quantities of A700EXL and A700EX are still available.
You don't have to wait for kits to come back in stock before you order.  Back orders are available for:

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

5th Stock Order

Just submitted a large parts order in to build back up parts inventories.  The different standard parts for the A700EX and A700L are included in this order along with all of the popular standard and option parts.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

More brands - Team EAM, TQ Wire, and ORCA

Envision this - a one stop shop for all of your racing needs!  This the goal of AwesomatixUSA.  To provide all of the "good stuff" that you would find in my race cars or huge yellow pit boxes -- but now online!!

Right now Team EAM 6500mah 70C 2S lipo batteries are in stock.  Shipments from TQ Wire will be in this upcoming week.  ORCA should be around May 1st -- and we have a ORCA VRITRA VX 2S Speedo pre-order currently available.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

Race Report from the 2013 Emerald City Classic

The Seattle RC Racers had their one large event last weekend. Its called the Emerald City Classic. Typically it is a multi-day event but we couldn't rent anything for more than a day so we did it at our normal venue as a one day with single mains. 117 entries and regional talent from Oregon and Canada came to duke it out here in WA. There where 7 racers running the Awesomatix A700 touring cars.

In Stock Touring car A700's were qualified second (Mike Malkinson) and fourth (Frank Bartilozzi) in Stock TC. Mike Malkinson, in the Yellow car, finished 2nd in the A-main but unfortunately Frank pulled his car off in the main. Devin Patterson took the TQ + win.

In Modified Touring car, Jake Danilchik qualified 2nd behind the TQ Kody Knudtson and brought the his A700 home in 2nd less than 1 second behind Kody. Jake's car is the white and orange car in the video.

Thanks to Jake Danilchik for the write-up.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

All back orders fulfilled!

Just wanted to let everyone know that all of the Awesomatix race car kit back orders have been fulfilled.  The Store inventory is correct and ready to ship...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Order in

Late tonight we where able to pick up our latest stock order.  It is full of kits and some parts.  All three types of Awesomatix touring cars are now in stock!  Existing kit back orders will be fulfilled first.  We already have our A700L Quality Assurance form available.  The A700EX form will be available tomorrow.

2013 Mile High Indoor Champs

Good luck to all of the competitors at the 2013 Mile High Indoor Champs at 5280 Raceway in Denver, CO.  Hopefully the prize recipients will enjoy their Awesomatix USA T-Shirts or Gift Cards.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Emerald City Classic

The Seattle RC Racers are hosting their 2013 Emerald City Classic this Saturday, April 6th in Seattle, WA.  Team Driver Jake Danilchik will be leading the charge with a field of 6+ Awesomatix touring cards looking to attend the event.  Good luck to all of the racers -- and especially the Awesomatix drivers.  Hopefully you'll win one of our $50 Gift Cards within their raffle!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4th Stock Order

Today yet another stock order was placed.  This time around we will be bringing in not only the A700EXL but also the A700EX and A700L kits.  These two new kit styles have been added to already and are available for back order.

Additionally, we are expanding our free shipping offer to all three kit styles.

Restock and introduction of back order for car ktis

30 new products where just added to along with the re-stocking of popular items, like our car kits and dampers.

In order to help allow people to get their hands on an Awesomatix touring car we are introducing the ability to back order a car kit.  You will pay for your kit in full, and your order will ship when it is complete (i.e. you kit arrives).  The introduction of back orders will allow you to secure your car, and not have anyone "cut" the waiting line.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shirts ordered

Just wanted to share a design mock up of our new Awesomatix USA t-shirt.  It will be available in sizes Small to 3-XL.  Hope to have them next week...

Modified Touring Car Class Sponsor for the 2013 ROAR Asphalt On-Road Nationals

Awesomatix USA does it again -- supporting the tracks that provide everyone a place to race!  We will be the Modified Touring Car class sponsor for the 2013 ROAR Asphalt On-Road Nationals being hosted May 2nd to 5th at Village Raceway in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

The modified racing classes will draw special attention this summer as drivers strive to qualify for a spot to race in the 2014 IFMAR On-Road Worlds which is being offered to ROAR in North America.

Manufacturing issue with SPR01

We just received news from Oleg about a manufacturing problem on the SPR01 springs.  A batch of springs where made with the incorrect material.  The SPR01 spring should cut from a 0.8mm thick material.  Instead a recent batch was cut with the 0.7mm thick material -- the same stuff used to make the SPR01S spring.

We'll be digging through the Awesomatix USA inventory to prevent this problem from being spread further into the environment.  If any North America customer has the SPR01 springs that they suspect to be wrong please contact us.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Trophy Race at Crispy Critters Raceway April 6th

This Saturday, April 6th, Crispy Critters Raceway in Fairfield, NJ is hosting a Trophy Race on their new indoor Carpet Track.  Awesomatix USA will be in the house racing and support our local racers.  We are also bringing along some Side Piece Racing parts and Gift Certificates in support of their event.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Buy with confidence!

While on vacation we started to get some reports of car kits that where missing parts.  Needless to say this news wasn't the highlight of my vacation.  We have already been discussing the issues with Oleg and missing parts are in-flight as week speak.  Oleg is looking to resolve the packing problems, but Awesomatix USA has come up with a quality assurance program to resolve this problem.  This program covers the checking of over 120 parts numbers per kit!

This quality assurance program builds upon an initial idea from Awesomatix USA to seal kits prior to shipping to ensure the kit retained all of its correct parts.  Starting today we've taken this to the next level by performing an inventory of each kit, correcting any missing parts, and re-packing the parts bags within the kit.  Below is a picture of the first two kits that have made it through this new quality assurance process. inventory has also been updated to reflect the complete kits available for purchase.

A copy of the Quality Assurance Forms for Awesomatix USA Touring Cars can be found within our Downloads page.

Monday, March 25, 2013

3rd stock order placed

Hi all - while on vacation I've placed another order in with Oleg and Awesomatix.  This should bring the inventory at nearly complete with Oleg's site.  We won't be stocking screws that can be purchased through other sources, but we will come up with some alternate screw kits in the next few weeks.  The new stock order should be received sometime shortly after April 1st.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

On Vacation March 22nd to 30th

In case you haven't already seen the Google Calendar on both this site and I will be out of town all of next week.  All orders received will ship on Monday, April 1st.  The web store inventory actively reflects the current stock status.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today we received our second stock order from Awesomatix.  Along with replenishing the A700EXL kits and some popular parts we've added 9 new parts - 6 option parts and 3 standard parts:

Option Parts

  1. A700-P20 Front Universals Ring x 2
  2. A700-DR3 Right Damper #3 (lighter than stock)
  3. A700-DRL Left Damper #3 (lighter than stock)
  4. A700-UB1 Universals Bearings Set
  5. A700-BC1 Battery Clamps Set
  6. A700-ST24 4.8mm Ball Stud x 4 - 0.70mm lower than stock

Standard Parts

  1. A700-C01EX A700EX / A700EXL Lower Chassis
  2. A700-P09 Shock Screw Holder x 5
  3. A700-AT24 GD Case2

2013 Carpet Nats Wrap-up

Mike Gee started the weekend off with a practice TQ in the largest touring car field, 17.5 Rubber Tire Touring Car. When all was said and done two of three Awesomatix cars competing within the class made the show. Big thanks to the efforts of Mike Gee, Karl Hoffmeister and Mark Dawson for representing Awesomatix USA at Horsham.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out on the road - ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals

Starting Wednesday we will be at the 2013 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals at Horsham RC.  The web store will continue to accept new orders, but orders won't be processed until we return.

This race marks the launch of the Awesomatix USA brand as we are the race's Title Sponsor.  Wish us luck..

Thursday, March 7, 2013 now open!

We've been burning the midnight oil on getting our web store online.

For a limited time, we are offering free shipping on any A700EXL purchase.

Make sure to refer to the calendar posted on the shop's home page to see the days that orders will be accepted, but orders will not be processed/shipped.

If you have any issues with the store please make sure to contact us via e-mail -

Proud Title Sponsor for the 2013 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals

Next week the best on-road racers converge on Horsham RC in Horsham, PA for the 2013 RAOR On-Road Carpet Nationals.  Awesomatix USA is proud to have stepped up to become the title sponsor for this race.  
This is a sample of the race banners that be proudly handing next week at Horsham...