Friday, May 31, 2013

Spur Dampener In-stock

Awesomatix has just released a new set of option parts - Spur Dampener set - which is compatible with all A700 cars. This new system has damping from the o-rings which softens the reaction from the motor and makes the shaft transmission more similar to belt transmission when the throttle or the brake are applied. Lap times become more consistent and the car is easy to drive. In order to install this system you should increase the two current holes on the spur gear to 5mm.

Additionally, the AT12M spur nut can be used with the standard AT20 also instead of the stock AT12 nut. This allows you to pack one less tool (a 12mm wrench) in your toolbox, and instead using a 1.5mm hex driver to change spurs.

We have a limited supply of the Spur Dampener set available now, with more coming on the way!