Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introducing the A700L USA SPEC

After a few months of testing and racing in North America, there was one hop-up part that nearly everyone was buying, the AM06S Short Hubs.  Awesomatix USA has worked with Oleg to bring a A700L USA SPEC 1/10th Electric Touring Car Kit that includes a complete set of AM06S instead of the AM06.  Hopefully racers will enjoy the $70 USD savings!

With this update, we've restocked a lot of parts too.  The inventory on all the various part numbers will increase over the weekend, but the major out of stock items have been updated in inventory.  More updates after today's local racing....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Awesomatix USA Sweep the ROAR Region 2 Championship Series Leg 2 @ Jackson RC

Race report from our team driver, Mike Gee---

"Awesomatix USA did work at the ROAR Region 2 series Leg 2 @ Jackson. in 17.5, A700's locked out the top 3 in qualifying (Larry, myself, FJ respectively). This is particularly impressive I think, as the 17.5 field was so stacked a former ROAR 17.5 TC champ missed the show. In mod, we had 3 cars again in the A, with myself TQ, Matt Abey 6th and FJ 7th.

FJ had a rough go in the 17.5 mains, but Larry won the 1st 2 of the triple A's easily, and I was 2nd. Mike Haynes completed the 17.5 podium.

I won the first 2 mains in mod, and FJ had better luck here, improving to 4th, and Abey holding steady at 6th. Mike Haynes and Robbie Dodge completed the mod podium.

FJs 17.5 setup is money, I drove his car after the mains. Very easy to drive. Both FJ and Larry ran that setup. My mod setup is the same way I'd like to think, I know Abey liked it."

Thanks to Mike Gee for the report and the awesome performance this past weekend. Also big thanks to my friend, Larry Fairtrace, for taking my "rent-a-ride" for a spin and showing me that he is 5 seconds faster with an identical car :). Congrats also go out to Jerry Perez and Joel Vautour for their strong B-main runs in 17.5T.

The final leg of the ROAR Region 2 Championship is Saturday, July 27th at John's Mobile RC/Middle River Hobbies.  The overall winner of the 17.5T touring car class will win an Awesomatix USA sponsorship and a A700 touring car!  Hope to see even more Awesomatix cars in the pits next month!!

17.5T Qualifications-
  1. Larry Fairtrace - Awesomatix A700L
  2. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700L
  3. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700L
  4. Sam Isaacs
  5. Jeff Cuffs
  6. Mike Haynes
  7. James Cranmer
  8. Warren Weaver
  9. Al Sodano
  10. Danny Jenkins
Modified Qualifications-
  1. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700EXL
  2. Robbie Dodge
  3. Mike Haynes
  4. Matt Ward
  5. Jeff Stowe
  6. Matthew Abey - Awesomatix A700EXL
  7. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700EXL
  8. Al Sodano
  9. Barry Lofton 
  10. Shawn Hensley

17.5T Race Results (after triple A-mains)
  1. Larry Fairtrace - Awesomatix A700L
  2. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700L
  3. Mike Haynes
  4. James Cranmer
  5. Sam Isaacs
  6. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700L
  7. Jeff Cuffs
  8. Danny Jenkins
  9. Al Sodano
  10. Warren Weaver
Modified Race Results (after triple A-mains)
  1. Mike Gee - Awesomatix A700EXL
  2. Mike Haynes
  3. Robbie Dodge
  4. Mike Hanulec - Awesomatix A700EXL
  5. Matt Ward
  6. Matthew Abey - Awesomatix A700EXL
  7. Al Sodano
  8. Barry Lofton
  9. Shawn Hensley
  10. Ralph Morella
  11. Joe D.
  12. Eric Lee
  13. Jeff Stowe
17.5T A1
Modified A1

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Xenon Racing products now available!

The first stocking order from Xenon has arrived!  It contains 48P and 64P spur and pinion gears.  The Xenon gears are the most true and lightest available in the industry.  They are the perfect mate for the super efficient Awesomatix drive train.

Also available is their Joint Protect Grease for drive shafts and gears and the much sought after Smart Camber Gauge.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Team Powers motors in ... And going fast!

Yesterday we received a bunch of 17.5T and 13.5T Team Powers Plutonium motors.  Orders have already come in so a restocking request has already been sent to the vendor.
The Team Powers motor at the hands of Austin Brumblay and Aaron Young finished 1st and 2nd at the 2013 Reedy Race just last month at NorCal.
Three motor configurations are being stocked-

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kits and Parts restock!

Just received a new stock order today.  Back in stock is the Reedy Race Winning A700L and the Spur Dampener System.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gravity RC Tire Traction and Silicone Diff Putty in stock!

Now available at Awesomatix USA are all of the tire traction and tuning accessories from Gravity RC to help dial in your touring car outdoors this summer.  Two traction compound options are now available

  1. LG1 - great as a tire cleaner, and first run tire additive
  2. LG2 - the perfect traction compound for 2+ run rubber tires tires on asphalt
Gravity RC traction compounds work great with and without applying tire warmers.  Use LG1 to clean your tires to remove oil and debris.   The apply a little bit of LG2 (just put on a few dabs) and then using your hands spread the traction compound around the tires completely.  Let sit for 20-30m until dry, and then dominate the competition.

Also available is the 2.5 million Silicone Diff Putty to make a consistent, and nearly locked front diff.  A stiff front diff is a great tuning alternative to a front spool.  Many races find it can increase corner speed, and improve overall drivability.