Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Awesomatix USA Caster Doodles and Tranny Tool

Awesomatix USA is proud to announce our latest custom parts for Awesomatix Touring Cars.

The Awesomatix USA Caster Doodles are new improved with a new, easier to read design. They are designed to be mounted on either the AM06 or AM06S to fine tune caster settings. In the picture the silver caster doodle is shown with a A700EXL, carbon fibre setup board and Hudy Gauges. All of these additional items are not included.

Our second tool - the Tranny Tool - has been updated with Freddy S├╝dhoff's favorite phrase -- MAXIMUM. The tranny tool is a carbon 10mm and 12mm wrench. They are a great alternative to the heavy 10mm and 12mm wrenches used to tighten the gear diff or spur gear nut