Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Awesomatix A800MMX (Carbon) and A800MMXA (Alloy) Car Kits

Awesomatix has made its name with its advanced and revolutionary designs that have produced the highest quality and fastest competition RC Racing cars. The new A800MMX 1/10 Electric Touring Car is no exception.

Further propelling the standard within the industry, Awesomatix created a mid-motor platform featuring a farther forward center pulley, equal length belts, and a longer suspension arm design. These features characterize our new MMX kit and yield significant performance enhancements for all types of racing surfaces and grip levels.

The primary improvements are the motor mount and top deck design, which offers 100% symmetric flex and a multitude of flex possibilities. By using our special top Deck screws (ST019) to secure the top decks to the motor mount, there are several flex settings and combinations possible from very stiff to very soft, from aggressive to calm, and even from “fixed” to “moving” action. Additionally, the two piece design provides increased stability and longevity of the top deck itself.

This new 2 piece top deck design with the multiple pivot bolts on the center line resets the industry standard by providing an entirely new car's frame flex system unlike anything that has been done before. The comprehensive range of setting and adjustment possibilities will prove to be a major step in touring car design and development.

To further improve on the flex characteristics of the car, we created the new AM08-3 Shocks Holder for the front end of the car. This shock holder is no longer connected to the bulkheads and allows more caster flex, and thus a more rigid damper position.

Our newly designed motor mount remains in the center of the car, but we managed to move the motor 0.5mm further inwards to improve the left/right balance with today’s modern light batteries. This also further reduces the polar moment of inertia.

In addition to the new AT120XB 20T Alloy pulley, we added an advanced ball bearing anti skip unit into the motor mount, directly under the pulley, to reduce the risk of belt skip.

Just like many of our previous kits, the spur gear nut (AT55M) can still be changed in seconds with the same 2mm hex driver. To prevent any interference with the 2mm hex size of the AT55M Spur Nut, the screw holding the pulley on the motor mount has been changed to M2.5 size and will use a 1.5mm hex driver.

Steering design is a critical component of a precise and well-handing car. Our goal was to minimize the play inside the steering system to further improve the precision and feeling on the track. The new Single Bellcrank Steering design combines the same steering characteristic as the BSSX steering but with fewer parts, less free play, and less weight. The steering lock angle can easily be limited by using our standard screw and shim on the lower side of the Bellcrank without the need of any specially made limiter.

AM19-FX Upper Arm Holders will also be included in the kit, which feature a stronger, more durable design. These holders also provide a larger angle between the top links which results in smoother suspension operation.

Our new P63 Damper Vane Pistons are a significant improvement to the suspension of the car. Utilizing a new advanced shape and a special rubber material, this new piston is resistant to silicon oil. These new parts and designs mean rebuilds will be much less frequent.

In addition, we now include ST69-00 precision screws and alloy AT119 Screw Holders as a standard kit part.

These new features and profound design ideas culminate in a touring car that is easier to drive and maintain, with enormous “raw speed” and a wide range of setup and flex options for all drivers.

USA Spec Kits will replace ST17-1-S with ST17 and P20

Special Features of the A800MMXA:

- C01B-X-MMA 7075T6 2mm Alloy Lower deck for A800MMXA kit
- newly designed C127S Soft Topdecks for A800MMXA kit

Special Features of the A800MMX:

- C01B-X-MM2 2.2mm Carbon Lower deck for A800MMX kit

- newly designed C127 Topdecks for A800MMX kit

Features across both A800MMX and A800MMXA:
- newly designed AM177 Motormount

- newly designed SB1 Single Bellcrank Steering

- newly designed AM08-3 Shocks Holder in front

- newly designed P63 Damper Vane Pistons

- newly designed AT120XB 20T Alloy Pulley

- newly designed ball bearing anti skip unit

- AM19-FX Upper Arms Holders

- ST69-00 + AT119 Spring Screw + Holder

- C04M1-LA Long Arm Set

- IFJ Inner Front Joint System

- IRJ Inner Rear Joint System

- D2.2-S-P Dampers (not pre-build)


- Radio Receiver and Transmitter, ESC, Servo, Motor, Fan, Pinon and Spur Gear, Lipo, Bodyshell and Tires are not included in the kit. They are only used for the presentation of fully equipped car.
- Due to our policy of continuous product development, the exact specifications of the kit may vary.
Awesomatix do reserve all rights to change any specifications without prior notice. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A800MMX (Carbon) and A800MMXA (Alloy) Pre-Orders

The brand new mid motor 190mm Touring Car kit from Awesomatix is just weeks away from its public launch.  For the past month people have been asking-

  • how much is the new car kit
  • when can i place an order for the new car kit

When Awesomatix releases more info we will also share that info here

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Reedy Race Clean Sweep of Open classes

     Reedy International Race of Champions

     This years Reedy International Race of Champions was held at Steel City Raceway in Fontana, CA for the first time and Awesomatix came firing on all cylinders.  With drivers coming from around the globe this race is often considered one of the most prestigious events in RC.  The weather was probably the most unpredictable issue at Reedy in years, but great team chemistry of Awesomatix drivers helped quickly adapt to the ever changing track conditions.  Because of weather, the event was rearranged to maximize the amount of racing within the forecast good weather days.  With the talent level extremely high, most things in the open classes were not decided until the last mains on Sunday.

       In Sportsman Class after a win in A1, A2 would see Awesomatix driver Kevin Cole have some struggles and bring it home third.  A3 was not run until Sunday, but Kevin was ready, taking the win in A3 and the over all win in Sportsman.

     In Expert class Germany's Max Machler would dominated from beginning to end.  Max was on point in every qualifier (TQ) and won A1 and A2 leaving the rest of the field to fight for second.  Fortunately for fellow Awesomatix driver Clayton Young A3 was run on Sunday, because after A1 and A2 he was sitting forth.  With amazing advice from Machler, Young was able to take the win in A3 and move to second overall.

     In Modified Awesomatix driver EJ Evans was TQ and able to take the win in A1.  With a little bit of a bobble in A2 he was still sitting 1st overall after Saturday but would need to take the win in A3 to ensure the overall victory.  In A3 EJ did not disappoint.  He took his TQ and drove away from the field taking the overall win.  Fellow Awesomatix driver Armand DeForest also improved his position on Sunday moving up to third overall after taking 2nd in A2.

     The Reedy race showed what great teamwork was all about.  Sharing information and helping each other out proved critical to an amazing showing by the Awesomatix team.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

New Wing Mount Supports

Layne Spec's New Wing Mount Supports

As touring car bodies get thinner and thinner Layne Spec has come up with a product to keep the wing supports strong.  These little jewels help keep the wing in place under load and in the (rare) occasion of rear impact.  These products come made to fit by body type and can be purchased through AwesomatixUSA.  The racer model fits both the racer and racer 2 bodies.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

2019 Mile High Indoor Championships

The 2019 Mile High Indoor Championships were held at 5280 Raceway in Denver, Colorado April 12-14.  A blizzard leading up to the event caused a slightly lower turnout, but the competition was still tight across all TC classes.  Awesomatix took up TQ honors across the board -- and although the winners changed, Awesomatix swept the wins in all TC Classes.

In Modified Touring Sam Isaacs continues his dominance taking TQ over Keven H├ębert (XRAY) 2nd and Kyle Klingforth.  In the main Sam, Keven and Kyle would break out into the lead followed by Ralph Burch (Serpent) and Art.  Sam would stretch the lead and Keven and Kyle would battle out for the next 4m straight to only end up where they started.

17.5 Touring would see Kyle Klingforth TQ by a lap over fellow Awesomatix drivers Sean Guthrie and Art Schrimo in third.   In the main Kyle would control the from the start driving a heads up race through traffic.  Behind Kyle, Sean was uncontested but Brent Klingforth and Art would mix it up for 1-2 minutes until Brent had some electrical troubles.  Qualifying order would hold onto the podium - Kyle 1st, Sean 2nd, and Art 3rd.

21.5 Touring would see the elder Klingforth take TQ over fellow Awesomatix drivers Bill Sydor and Layne.  In the main Brent, Billy and Dustin would lead out the field.  Billy and Brent would trade position and while passing lappers Billy would get caught up allowing Brent to pass.  Billy was determined to get by Brent and the two sadly collided.  As Brent fell out of the race as Layne took the lead and he would not give it up.  More stuff would happen, allowing Vinny Ringler to grab second and Jeff Flassig to capture the last step of the podium to continue the Awesomatix podium lock out.

In USGT it would be Awesomatix driver Dustin Layne taking TQ over fellow Awesomatix drivers Brent Klingforth and Jeff Flassig in third.  In the main Dustin and Brent would battle for the lead while working through traffic.  Brent would get by Dustin early on and Dustin would return the favor in the middle of the race but with just 1m30s to go Dustin would tap allowing Brent to cruise home for the win.  Dustin would finish 2nd and Jeff 3rd for an Awesomatix sweep of the podium.

Thanks again to all of the Awesomatix drivers and team for making it out to the event.  We really appreciate your continued support of racing around the country -- even if impeded by a blizzard!  Cannot wait again for next years Mile High Indoor Champs!!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

ROAR Carpet Nationals Swept up by Awesomatix

     This years ROAR Carpet Nationals were held at Prolevel RC in Chesterfield, MO March 6-10 and Awesomatix showed up firing on all cylinders.  There were five touring car classes ranging from Mod to 25.5 VTA and Awesomatix drivers were at the top of all classes throughout the event.  The Awesomatix Team showed its top talent did not comprise of just a couple fast guys, but an entire team of them.  If it takes a village to raise a child, this talented group showed how a team sharing information could raise champions. 

     Seating rounds occurred on Thursday March 7th.  In Modified Touring Car it would be Sam Isaacs (Awesomatix) seated 1st with Keven Hebert (XRAY) 2nd and Kyle Klingforth (Awesomatix) 3rd.  17.5 Touring Car would see Kyle in 1st with Robbie Dodge (XRAY) in 2nd and Mike Gee (Awesomatix) 3rd.  21.5 Touring Car would have Awesomatix lock out the top 5 spots with Michael Toth taking 1st, Brent Klingforth 2nd and Dustin Layne 3rd.  USGT would see Awesomatix lock out the top 6 spots with Kemp Anderson 1st, Clayton Young 2nd, and Chris Kemper 3rd.  Last, but not least, VTA would see Clayton Young (Awesomatix) taking the top spot with David Panter (XRAY) 2nd and Myron Kinnard (Associated) 3rd.

     Qualifying happened on Friday and Saturday with some things getting shuffled around, but Awesomatix continued its strangle hold on the top spots.  Modified would have Isaacs keep TQ with Kyle moving up to the 2nd and Brandon Clements (XRAY) 3rd.  17.5 would also see Kyle keep his top spot with Clements 2nd and Dodge 3rd.  21.5 would see a reorg at the top with Arthur Scrimo (Awesomatix) taking TQ over Bill Sydor (Awesomatix) and Brent would move to 3rd.  USGT would like very similar to seating with Anderson keeping TQ over Young in 2nd and Brent Klingforth would start 3rd for the mains.  VTA would see Young remain at the top taking TQ with Kinnard and Panter swapping spots.

     The mains welcomed Awesomatix National Champions across the board.  In Modified it would be Sam Isaacs capitalizing on his TQ spot to go two and out winning A1 and A2.  Kyle would come in 2nd over Clements in 3rd.

     17.5 Touring Car would see also see another two wins and out by Kyle Klingforth taking the national title over Clements and Dodge.

     21.5 Touring Car would be a battle among the Awesomatix team.  Scrimo would take A1 and Sydor would take A2.  A3 would see two restarts after calamity in the first three corners of the first start and the back of the field jumping the gun on the first restart.  In the end it was Sydor taking the win over Scrimo in 2nd and Toth 3rd.

     USGT would see Anderson go two and out taking A1 and A2.  The rest of the top three remained in qualifying order with Young 2nd and Brent 3rd.

  VTA would see a repeat of the USGT mains with things remaining the same as qualifying.  Young took A1 and A2 with Kinnard 2nd and Panter 3rd. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Triple TQ’s and Triple NATIONAL TITLES for Awesomatix!!! Dave Johnson takes USGT and Can-Am Stock TC! Justin Lyon takes USVTA!

The 2019 Snowbird Nationals are in the books and it was an incredible event.  Team Awesomatix had strong showings in all touring car classes -- even if we didn't win them all.  The largest team at the event worked together to come to terms with the ever changing grip levels and when it was all said and done we TQ + Won three classes and were in contention in the remaining two.

In the very close TC class which was ran the Can-Am RC Series format Awesomatix drivers would fill the A-main, and the overall podium.  Dave Johnson would reset TQ round 1 and 2 until Eric Anderson would reset TQ in round 3 by 6 hundreds of a second over Dave.  Dave would fire back in round 4 to take the overall TQ by less than 7 hundreds of a second.  In the main qualifying order for the top three would maintain throughout the 5 minute event.  Dave and Eric would pace each never more than 3 tenths apart for the entire 5 minutes with Dave taking the win and Eric securing second.  Sal Amato would finish 3rd after suffering a roll induced body tuck and riding it out for nearly 4 minutes of racing.  

In USGT Dave Johnson would sweep qualifying resetting TQ every round with his Awesomatix A800 MMCX-A.  During the main Dave would get a great start to put him a couple turns ahead of the field by lap 3! He would then maintain his 3 second lead to become 2019 USGT Snowbird National Champion! 

In USVTA, Justin Lyons would set TQ in round 3 on his own lap as compared to the rest of the field.  Pre-race favorite, Wayne Gerber, said he wife wouldn't let me run USVTA so Justin could finally get a win in the class this season.  Justin would fulfill the wishes of the Gerber family by taking the win with this A700 shaft car.  Congrats to Jamison Reichard for racing up from 7th on the grid to 3rd!

In Mod TC Awesomatix would place four cars into the A-main with Sam Isaacs starting 2nd, Matt Lyons 4th, Kyle Klingforth 7th and Donny Lia 8th.  At the start of the main the most exciting racer in the field was Matt Lyons pushing to put passes Yugo Nagashima.  Eventually when the 5 minutes were over, Sam Isaacs was just 1.3 sec behind Alex Hagberg.  Matt would finish 4th followed by Kyle in 5th.  Donny had a rough start and would round out the field 10th.  

In Super Stock TC Awesomatix would place six cars into the A-main with the team sadly tapping out during qualifying while on wicked fast TQ runs.  During the main Kyle Klingforth was given a bit of room by Matt Lyons to push up on the leading pair of XRay drivers, Jan Ratheisky and Robbie Dodge.  Kyle would put two pass attempts on Robbie but after some clean and respectful driving Kyle would have to settle for 3rd place.  Eric Anderson would come home 4th, Matt 5th, Ray Darroch 7th, Craig Xavier 8th and Kemp Anderson 10th. 

After a week long of racing in Florida we had some great results and maybe some even better laughs.  Big thanks to everyone who came out, and for Mike Boylan and crew for putting on the 25th Annual edition of Snowbirds.

Monday, January 14, 2019

2019 Hudy Indoor Champs

A brand new location of ProlevelRC in St. Louis hosted their annual Hudy Indoor Champs from January 3rd to 6th 2019.  The brand new facility just was finished days prior so the participants at this race would be on brand new CRC black carpet just like at major hotel races vs what we usually find at track-based races.  Team Awesomatix USA tackled the challenging new track with wins in three classes -- USGT, Stock TC and Super Stock TC.

In USGT, Art Scrimo would lead an Awesomatix sweep of the podium taking the TQ and Win!  Eric Jones qualified second and finished second.  Brent Klingforth qualified 4th and raced up to third.

In Stock TC the racers would have an additional challenge of handout motors without fixed timing or gearing.  Bill Sydor would handle the challenge better than all others taking the TQ and Win.  Eric Jones would race his way from 4th on the grid to second overall.

In Super Stock TC Bill Sydor would again take the TQ and Win.  Bill attempted to mimic his win on Danny Sullivan's great spin and win at the Indy 500 by surviving a spinout in the sweeper while leading to just take the win over Dan Hamman.  Brent Klingforth would race up from 4th on the grid to take third.