Sunday, March 31, 2013

Buy with confidence!

While on vacation we started to get some reports of car kits that where missing parts.  Needless to say this news wasn't the highlight of my vacation.  We have already been discussing the issues with Oleg and missing parts are in-flight as week speak.  Oleg is looking to resolve the packing problems, but Awesomatix USA has come up with a quality assurance program to resolve this problem.  This program covers the checking of over 120 parts numbers per kit!

This quality assurance program builds upon an initial idea from Awesomatix USA to seal kits prior to shipping to ensure the kit retained all of its correct parts.  Starting today we've taken this to the next level by performing an inventory of each kit, correcting any missing parts, and re-packing the parts bags within the kit.  Below is a picture of the first two kits that have made it through this new quality assurance process. inventory has also been updated to reflect the complete kits available for purchase.

A copy of the Quality Assurance Forms for Awesomatix USA Touring Cars can be found within our Downloads page.