Monday, October 26, 2020

Young, Rayfield and Reilly win at 2020 Halloween Classic

COVID-19 couldn't stop the 2020 Halloween Classic from bringing some of the fastest drivers to NORCAR The Gate in Brunswick, Ohio this past weekend.  With a limited number of people and classes being offered the race offered a refreshing re-look at the popular long standing event that offered nice 45m-1h breaks between rounds with open practice and having the Saturday qualifying ending around 6pm instead of 1am like in past years events.  The 5 classes on offer still had super tight battles for both pole position and who would make the A-main event.  Due to COVID-19 only the top 6 drivers would participate in the A-main.  

Awesomatix drivers would wind up take 3 TQs and 4 Wins in the 5 classes.  Congratulations to 
  • Clayton Young for double touring car wins
  • Shawn Rayfield for the first production A12 win
  • James Reilly for the TQ & Win in USGT
Extra special thanks to the entire team for working so closely together throughout the weekend!!

TQ - James Reilly
1st - James Reilly / Awesomatix
2nd - Kevin Nestor / Awesomatix
3rd - Max Buca / Awesomatix

Can-Am Stock 1/12th
1/12 Stock
TQ- Michael Hanulec
1st- Shawn Rayfield / Awesomatix
2nd- Michel Hanulec / Awesomatix
3rd- Zach Schuttenberg / CRC

Stock TC
TQ- Clayton Young
1st- Clayton Young / Awesomatix
2nd- Marc Livermore / XRay
3rd- Billy Sydor / Awesomatix

Superstock 1/12
TQ- Max Kuenning
1st- Max Kuenning / XRay
2nd- Fabio Evangelista / XRay
3rd- John Dickson / Awesomatix

Superstock TC
TQ- Marc Livermore
1st- Clayton Young / Awesomatix
2nd- Max Kuenning / XRay
3rd- Marc Livermore / XRay


Super Stock TC B-main winner - Hobby Bobby!