Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gravity RC Tire Traction and Silicone Diff Putty in stock!

Now available at Awesomatix USA are all of the tire traction and tuning accessories from Gravity RC to help dial in your touring car outdoors this summer.  Two traction compound options are now available

  1. LG1 - great as a tire cleaner, and first run tire additive
  2. LG2 - the perfect traction compound for 2+ run rubber tires tires on asphalt
Gravity RC traction compounds work great with and without applying tire warmers.  Use LG1 to clean your tires to remove oil and debris.   The apply a little bit of LG2 (just put on a few dabs) and then using your hands spread the traction compound around the tires completely.  Let sit for 20-30m until dry, and then dominate the competition.

Also available is the 2.5 million Silicone Diff Putty to make a consistent, and nearly locked front diff.  A stiff front diff is a great tuning alternative to a front spool.  Many races find it can increase corner speed, and improve overall drivability.