Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Raceberry, Flexible Caster Blocks, Narrow Hubs and July 2014 Price Adjustments

Our 3rd order of Raceberry Awesomatix chassis will arrive tomorrow (Wednesday July 2nd).  This run was limited to only 10 chassis and nearly 1/2 are sold due to back orders.

A restock order of Flexible Caster Blocks (A700-FCB) and Narrow Hubs (A700-AM06M) has just arrived along with many other spare parts.  The new open ball end P13-4 have been flying off the shelf.  A very large order will be placed to re-stock the P13-4 this week.

Finally, some of you might have noticed, but as of July 2014 prices were adjusted for all of the imported Awesomatix products.  The price adjustments are to make up for the declining strength of the US Dollar as compared to the Euro.  For the past few months Awesomatix USA has been absorbing these conversion rate losses while trying to keep costs consistent for our customers and dealers.  Our dealer network has been notified of the pending price changes over the last month.  Price adjustments have historically occurred every 6 months, but could have to occur at any time if there is a massive swing in Euro Dollar conversion.