Saturday, March 25, 2023

Getting the know the A800R

On March 22nd Awesomatix released a slew of information on the new 1/10th 4wd TC - the A800R.  As we start to ship the initial batch of kits arriving next week -- anyone who has received an email notifying them that "This order is included in our first shipment expected to depart Tuesday, March 28th" should read the following info.

For racers familiar with the A800 platform the major changes you'll see are-

  1. Inclusion of optional parts within base kits
    1. A800-BDL in both kit types
    2. Soft springs (A700-SPR01S) within Alloy Car Kits
  2. Optional parts from A800 no longer compatible
    1. A700-AM12X
    2. A800-ADC
    3. A800-AM105
    4. A800-AM105H
    5. A800-BW22
    6. A800-BW52
    7. A800-C04AL1-LA
    8. A800-C04M1+7.0
    9. A800-C07A
    10. A800-C36
  3. We have the complete list of spare parts and optional parts listed online with pictures
  4. In order to build the new D3 dampeners correctly you'll need to have a Shock Pump.  These have been traditionally sold by Tamiya or Ride.  Within the kit there is an insert to hold the four dampeners in the Shock Pump chamber.  There are already optional parts being made to improve this experience.
    1. MXLR Awesomatix A800R ShockVac - MAX-02-003
    2. BS Works Awesomatix A800R Dampener Insert for Tamiya Vacuum Pump - BS-TR-202

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Kemp Anderson, Trandell, Eric Anderson and Rayfield win at 2023 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals

The 2023 ROAR On-Road Carpet Nationals marked a change in the pecking order.  Perennial modified class favorite Sam Issacs had to miss the event, and that left opportunities for drivers to shine.  Awesomatix USA drivers would have yet another amazing weekend taking a total of 5 TQ and Wins in the major classes at the ROAR Nationals!!!!!

  • Modified 1/12th - TQ + Win - Kemp Anderson
  • Super Stock 1/12th - TQ + Win - Joe Trandell
  • Super Stock TC - TQ - John Dickson
  • Super Stock TC - Win - Eric Anderson
  • Stock 1/12th - TQ + Win - Shawn Rayfield
  • Stock TC - TQ + Win - Eric Anderson

Awesomatix driver Kemp Anderson would score his first ROAR Modified TQ + Win in the 1/12th class.  Kemp already had past ROAR Nationals success, but this was his first Modified class TQ or win.  Additionally, one of our favorite 1/12th scale specialists, Shawn Rayfield, took his first ROAR TQ + Win in Stock 1/12th!  

Massive congratulations to the team for continuing the moto of Racers Helping Racers.  Fantastic to see a podium lockout in Super Stock 1/12th!

Modified 1/12th

    Triple A-main results-

    1. KEMP ANDERSON [Awesomatix] [TQ]
    2. DONNY LIA [Awesomatix]
    4. STUART MASON [Awesomatix]
    5. JASON ENGEL [Awesomatix]
    6. COLTON KIEFER [Awesomatix]

    Modified TC

    Triple A-main results-

    3. KEMP ANDERSON [Awesomatix]
    5. STUART MASON [Awesomatix]
    8. ZAC DONATHEN [Awesomatix]
    10. COLTON KIEFER [Awesomatix]

    Super Stock 1/12th

    Triple A-main results-

      1. JOE TRANDELL [Awesomatix] [TQ]
      2. JOHN DICKSON [Awesomatix]
      3. ERIC ANDERSON [Awesomatix]
      4. CODY BURKE [Awesomatix]
      6. DANA BAILES
      7. SHAWN RAYFIELD [Awesomatix] 
      8. LARRY FAIRTRACE [Awesomatix]
      9. JOHN BARRON
      10. BILLY SPENCE [Awesomatix]

      Super Stock TC

      Triple A-main results-
        1. ERIC ANDERSON [Awesomatix]
        2. JOHN DICKSON [Awesomatix] [TQ]
        3. MIKE GEE
        4. CRAIG XAVIER [Awesomatix]
        6. BILL SYDOR [Awesomatix]
        7. ANDREW ELLIS
        8. MICHAEL SKEEN [Awesomatix]
        9. JEFF ROWLAND [Awesomatix]
        10. MICHAEL HANULEC [Awesomatix]

        Stock 1/12th

        Triple A-main results-
        1. SHAWN RAYFIELD [Awesomatix] [TQ]
        2. JOE TRANDELL [Awesomatix]
        3. DANA BAILES
        4. FABIO EVANGELISTA [Awesomatix]
        5. CODY BURKE [Awesomatix]
        6. RICK PFEILSTICKER [Awesomatix]
        7. CHRIS LOCKHART [Awesomatix]
        8. JOHN BARRON
        9. SKIP STARKEY
        10. MONTI PANZICA [Awesomatix]

        Stock TC

        Triple A-main results-
        1. ERIC ANDERSON [Awesomatix] [TQ]
        2. MIKE GEE
        3. BRIAN CARD [Awesomatix]
        4. CRAIG XAVIER [Awesomatix]
        5. MAX KUENNING
        6. MICHAEL SKEEN [Awesomatix]
        7. MANNY FLORES [Awesomatix]
        8. BILL SYDOR [Awesomatix]
        9. BRENT KLINGFORTH [Awesomatix]
        10. LARRY FAIRTRACE [Awesomatix]