Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What else should I buy for my new A800?

Multiple times a week we are receiving the question -- "What hop-up parts and spares do you recommend".  We've queried all of our team drivers and brought back the best answers for your help. 

Which kit version?

If you were to just have one car kit, the A800A, featuring the khaki colored A800-C01B-AL chassis, is the most versatile for the various surfaces we face.  Because of this, the A800A is the predominate version of the A800 series we've been recommending, selling, and racing ourselves.  

What hop-ups make sense?

  1. Soft springs --- A700-SPR01S or A800-SPR01S-98 (1 pack/car)
  2. Medium ball studs for inner upper links --- A700-ST24M (2 packs/car)
  3. Long ball studs for steering and toe links --- A700-ST24L (1 pack/car)
  4. Titanium turnbuckles - 9x 1-1/8"; 4x 1-1/2" --- lundsford has had stocking issues, we are looking to replace them with an option from Roche/Radtec hopefully by September 2016
  5. Steering brace --- A800-C25 --- Some like the direct feel it provides. I run it in mod, but not in stock.
  6. 2.25mm carbon chassis --- A800-C01B-2.25 --- This chassis has improved flex characteristics for asphalt racing
  7. BSR hard dumper --- F50043L --- A must have for carpet racing. Newly redesigned for the 2016 indoor carpet racing season to be custom mounted/trimmed to prevent any front body flex.
For older generations of the A800 (pre-April/D2.2) we'd highly recommend investing in the strong Shock Guide Rod (A800-SPR02H). With the introduction of the D2.2 dampers the A800-SPR02H3 parts are already included within the kits.

One final point, you'll see many setups from Europe featuring carbon arms.  We've seen carbon arms degrade during heat and overall not withstand crash damage as well.  When comparing setups between alloy and carbon setups, we'd recommend lowering the damper oil weight by 5wt when using alloy arms as they flex less than carbon.  

What spares are recommended?

For spares -- don't get crazy here.  There are only a few that could prevent you from making it thru a day and we've marked them with a "*" after the part number.  
  • P01
  • P02
  • P03 *
  • P04 
  • P05 *
  • P07 
  • P12
  • P16
  • ST13 *
  • ST05L *
  • P14
  • P13-4
  • C27
  • C04AL
  • ST10 *
  • ST11 *
As usual maintenance items (i.e. not crash damage), especially when running alloy arms, the primary wear items are P04, ST10, ST11.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

New parts and old favorites

Awesomatix USA just received some hot new option parts, and a ton of spares.  Please get your orders in ASAP as we are going on holiday after a long week of racing and catching up on a huge order back log.

Also, in case you missed it, A800 and A800A kits are in stock!

Monday, November 16, 2015

A800 Presentation Part #1

After nearly a 1-1/2 months the A800 features are explained in both pictures and words for everyone to behold.

A800 Presentation Part #1

Delivery on initial pre-orders have been underway for the past week.  Racers throughout the globe are starting to see the kit in action for themselves.  

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kyle Klingforth wins 17.5 and 13.5 Touring Car at 2015 Halloween Classic

This past weekend NORCAR R/C Racing at The Gate hosted their 21st edition of the Halloween Classic sponsored by AwesomatixUSA.  This year proved to be the largest Halloween Classic ever with IIC not happening this year.  The race event sold out in just 90 minutes!  AwesomatixUSA has won 17.5 Touring for the past two years (Hoffmeister, Hanulec) and 13.5 Touring last year (Hanulec) so there was clearly a lot of pressure to keep the title in the family.  Thankfully after three action packed days, Kyle Klingforth, who was robbed of the 17.5 Touring win in 2014 came back to survive the infamous failnados, and #eastcoastgrip to take two titles for the team.

In the largest class, 17.5 Touring, Awesomatix USA would put six drivers in the main but wasn't able to secure TQ.  Team XRay's Sam Issacs take TQ in round 1 and re-set TQ in round 3.  The super tight competition, combined with bad luck would cost Awesomatix drivers Kyle Klingforth, Brad Johnson and Larry Fairtrace all TQ runs.  At the start of the main, a mini failnado would cost Brad, Larry and Bill Sydor any hope of a win.  Out of the carnage, Sam lead Kyle for the first few laps with Team XRay's Eric Anderson in 3rd.  Early on Kyle and Eric would swap places once, and then give them back the lap later.  On the 25th lap Sam would tap out allowing the hard charging Kyle to take over the lead.  The rest of the podium would be decided with just four laps to go when Eric fell victim of "XRay on XRay crime" after a body tuck from team mate Dan Hamann allowed last year's winner, Michael Hanulec to promote himself into 3rd after starting 9th.  

17.5 TC Finishing Order:
1. Kyle Klingforth [Awesomatix]
2. Sam Issacs
3. Michael Hanulec [Awesomatix]
4. Manny Flores [Awesomatix]
5. Dan Hamann
6. Brad Johnson [Awesomatix]
7. Eric Anderson
8. Mike Wise
9. Larry Fairtrace [Awesomatix]
10. Bill Sydor [Awesomatix]
In 13.5 Touring, Kyle Klingforth would take the TQ in the 4th round over Sam Issacs and Brad Johnson.  The TOP 3 were separated by less than 0.8s so we knew the battle for the win would be exciting.  All in all, Awesomatix's four team drivers who entered 13.5 TC would made the main.  During the A-main traffic would rob Brad Johnson of a chance at the win while lapping the mixed speed field.  The battle for the lead would continue with Sam applying extreme pressure on Kyle throughout the run.  Their battle would be nearly ruined by lap traffic during the mid way point, but Sam graciously let Kyle back into the lead so they could continue their battle.  After 6 long minutes Kyle won with Sam less than 2 seconds behind.

13.5 TC Finishing Order: 
1. Kyle Klingforth [Awesomatix]
2. Sam Issacs
3. Drew Ellis
4. Bill Sydor [Awesomatix]
5. Dan Hamann
6. Patrick Clark
7. Tim Mclntyre
8. Brent Klingforth [Awesomatix]
9. Warren Weaver
10. Brad Johnson [Awesomatix]

Finally in Modified Touring, both Josh Cyrul and Kyle Klingforth would qualify for the A-main.  Modified Touring proved to be the second most popular class over 13.5 TC this year.  In the main, Kyle's luck would end on lap 1 but Josh would charge from 10th on the grid up to 4th until an altercation with lap traffic cause him to need to get marshaled and fall down the order.  Hopefully next year we'll see a lot more Awesomatix in the modified class fielding our new A800 Touring Car.

Win or lose - the team showed great pace, and tremendous support of their team mates and customers.  This year was the first for AwesomatixUSA to sponsor the Halloween Classic -- but it certainly be the last!

Kyle's 17.5 TC - Awesomatix A700L w/ C01AL Alloy Chassis

Kyle's 13.5 TC - Awesomatix A700L2 w/ C01AL-S Alloy Chassis

Friday, September 25, 2015

3rd Carpet Season Approaches

With one more week to go before the start of the 2015/2016 North American Fall/Winter Indoor Carpet Racing Season I thought it made sense to revisit the fantastic race results from the past two years...

Major highlights include-
  • 4x ROAR National Champion
  • 3x Snowbirds Champion
  • 2x Reedy On-Road Race of Champion
  • 1x International Indoor Champ Champion
Awesomatix USA is proud to present the 2015 Halloween Classic... it sold out in less than 2 hours!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WTF National Championship and Re-stock

Two weeks ago Team Associated's off-road super star Ryan Cavalieri TQ + Won the 2015 ROAR OnRoad Asphalt Nationals in Modified Touring.  Cav used the WTF "Blow Them All" ESC/Motor Fan Mount and 30mm WTF fans for both ESC and Motor cooling.

A large Wild Turbo Fan re-stock just arrived today.  Our popular 30mm motor fan is now back in stock along with inventory refreshes of nearly every other product.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Halloween Classic Re-stock

In 1.5 weeks the R/C carpet racing world is getting ready to converge on the Halloween Classic in lovely Brunswich, Ohio.  This year's even is proudly sponsored by Awesomatix USA.  Looking forward to meeting some new faces at the race, and seeing a lot of old friends.

Just in time for the race a new parts order has arrived containing all of the favorite spare parts, and a few option parts like the RFG.  

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wild Turbo Fan Restock!

Just in time for the indoor carpet racing season, we've restocked all of the Wild Turbo Fan products.  We've brought in more styles of ESC fans and fan mounts time too in addition to the ever popular 30mm and Windy fans.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Rear Floating Gearbox (RFG) has landed

The new Rear Floating Gearbox has arrived!  Pre-orders are shipping today!  The RFG concept was first designed by Awesomatix USA's own Josh Cyrul.  The RFG requires the MM2 Motor Mount so it is ready to fit into the A700 Evo II, A700 Evo IIC or A700L2.