Friday, May 31, 2013

Spur Dampener In-stock

Awesomatix has just released a new set of option parts - Spur Dampener set - which is compatible with all A700 cars. This new system has damping from the o-rings which softens the reaction from the motor and makes the shaft transmission more similar to belt transmission when the throttle or the brake are applied. Lap times become more consistent and the car is easy to drive. In order to install this system you should increase the two current holes on the spur gear to 5mm.

Additionally, the AT12M spur nut can be used with the standard AT20 also instead of the stock AT12 nut. This allows you to pack one less tool (a 12mm wrench) in your toolbox, and instead using a 1.5mm hex driver to change spurs.

We have a limited supply of the Spur Dampener set available now, with more coming on the way!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

17.5T Domination - Awesomatix TQ and Wins 17.5T at the 2013 Reedy On-Road Race of Champions

Team Awesomatix USA drivers dominated practice and qualifying in the 17.5T class by locking out the top 3 qualifying positions. The trio of Kyle Bergstrom, Austin Brumblay and Aaron Young where consistently faster than the competition turning laps in the low 16s range (same speed as 13.5T) while everyone else was in the mid/high 16s range.

Additionally, in the 13.5T class, Mark Dawson qualified 10th.

17.5T Race Summary

In A1, Kyle and Austin rocketed to a quick lead while Aaron ran into some trouble on the first lap. It was clear that Aaron had a dominant car as he drove back up through the field to eventually finish just behind Austin. The trio finish in qualifying order - Kyle, Austin and Aaron.

In A2, Kyle and Austin broke away from the pack again. At the 2m mark Kyle and Austin had a racing incident that eventually caused Kyle to drop out. Austin would win, and Aaron finished second.

In A3, the overall win was still up for grabs. The race quickly developed with a 3 car Awesomatix breakaway from the field. This time the trio of Kyle, Austin and Aaron was out front - pressuring one another to go faster and faster. Kyle ended up grabbing too much curb and fell out of the race. This left the battle to Austin and Aaron, and they finished in that order. Even after not finishing the last two races, Kyle still scored a 5th overall.

13.5T Race Summary

In A1, Dawson had a strong start, he quickly worked through traffic and managed to get his car into contention. He was placed as high as 3rd and finished 4th.

In A2, Dawson has less luck on the start and only finished 6th overall. He was happy with his setup changes and expecting much more in A3.

In A3, Dawson had some good battles on his way to 6th place finish. After losing a tie-breaker in in qual points, he finished 7th overall.

Race Results-
17.5T Touring Car Finishing Order
1. Austin Brumblay - Awesomatix A700L
2. Aaron Young - Awesomatix A700L
3. Ryan Cooper
4. Joven Madriaga
5. Kyle Bergstrom - Awesomatix A700EXL
6. David Zorn
7. Cameron Wagner
8. Devin Patterson
9. Paul Dabao
10. Michael Montuy

13.5T Touring Car Finishing Order
1. Gonzalo Cortes
2. Sean Maybell
3. Bob Stellflue
4. Antonio Caroli
5. Joven Madriaga
6. James Davenport
7. Mark Dawson - Awesomatix A700L
8. Art Scrimo
9. Oliver Clipper
10. Eric Kim

17.5T A1, A2, A3
13.5T A1, A2, A3

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reedy Race and Jackson Memorial Day Race

This weekend a bunch of Awesomatix drivers will unite on both coasts looking for victory.  The Reedy Race at Nor-Cal Hobbies in Northern California and the Jackson Memorial Day Race in New Jersey will be the spots with all of the action. 

Feel free to stop by and ask questions to any of the Awesomatix runners.  Everyone is excited to talk about their cars.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big parts shipment in

Just performed a huge inventory update for nearly 50 part numbers.  If you had been waiting on something to come back in stock, the time is now.  If your looking for a part that we are not stocking, please contact us!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ROAR Region 2 Championship Series

Starting Saturday, May 18th at Debbie's RC World is the first leg of the ROAR Region 2 Championship Series.  Two touring car classes will be competing - 17.5 Blinky and Modified.  The race series is a best two of three also visiting Jackson RC and John's Mobile RC/Middle River Hobbies.  The winner of the 17.5 Blinky class will win an Awesomatix touring car!