Monday, October 26, 2020

Young, Rayfield and Reilly win at 2020 Halloween Classic

COVID-19 couldn't stop the 2020 Halloween Classic from bringing some of the fastest drivers to NORCAR The Gate in Brunswick, Ohio this past weekend.  With a limited number of people and classes being offered the race offered a refreshing re-look at the popular long standing event that offered nice 45m-1h breaks between rounds with open practice and having the Saturday qualifying ending around 6pm instead of 1am like in past years events.  The 5 classes on offer still had super tight battles for both pole position and who would make the A-main event.  Due to COVID-19 only the top 6 drivers would participate in the A-main.  

Awesomatix drivers would wind up take 3 TQs and 4 Wins in the 5 classes.  Congratulations to 
  • Clayton Young for double touring car wins
  • Shawn Rayfield for the first production A12 win
  • James Reilly for the TQ & Win in USGT
Extra special thanks to the entire team for working so closely together throughout the weekend!!

TQ - James Reilly
1st - James Reilly / Awesomatix
2nd - Kevin Nestor / Awesomatix
3rd - Max Buca / Awesomatix

Can-Am Stock 1/12th
1/12 Stock
TQ- Michael Hanulec
1st- Shawn Rayfield / Awesomatix
2nd- Michel Hanulec / Awesomatix
3rd- Zach Schuttenberg / CRC

Stock TC
TQ- Clayton Young
1st- Clayton Young / Awesomatix
2nd- Marc Livermore / XRay
3rd- Billy Sydor / Awesomatix

Superstock 1/12
TQ- Max Kuenning
1st- Max Kuenning / XRay
2nd- Fabio Evangelista / XRay
3rd- John Dickson / Awesomatix

Superstock TC
TQ- Marc Livermore
1st- Clayton Young / Awesomatix
2nd- Max Kuenning / XRay
3rd- Marc Livermore / XRay


Super Stock TC B-main winner - Hobby Bobby!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Awesomatix A12 Gearing Considerations for Stock 17.5 and GT12 21.5 Racing

The innovative Awesomatix A12 platform, with the inline design and inner and outer chassis frames, introduces some new constraints to traditional 1/12th scale racers -- gear selection.  The A12 has already proven itself in both Super Stock 13.5 and Modified 1/12th scale racing, but until recently it hasn't been even tested with slower / higher wind motor combos.  

Just like many of you, we race 1/12th scale too, so we know that people will be surprised about the need for different sized spur gears.  So read up and learn about our new 1/12th platform!!

Design Considerations

The “No tweak pod” concept offers a smaller range of motor fore and aft adjustment than we traditionally find within a 1/12th scale car.  The pod offers two axle positions, and these positions offer different quantities of "gear count".  Between the prototype A12 and the production A12 the amount of gear choices has been greatly increased.  

All of the following calculations are based upon a 36mm diameter 540 motor.  Motors with a smaller diameter, like the Team Scream Low Rider series can support even a wider range of gears.
  • Short wheelbase: 112T to 120T of gear count
  • Long wheelbase: 112T to 125T of gear count (aka, +5 teeth)

What is Gear Count?

Simply put - the sum of 64 pitch spur + pinion teeth should be in the range of

  • 112 to 120 for short wheelbase
  • 112 to 125 for long wheelbase

Simple Gear Charts

The following is a simple roll-out calculation based upon a 40.0mm rear tire size.  This tire size is often a great starting point for spec racing, but is by no means the smallest tire that can be run on the platform.  

Our roll-out targets for motors were:
  • 17.5 - 95mm
  • 21.5 - 102mm
The areas shared in the salmon color signify gear that is supported when running a long rear wheelbase in the A12.

We decided to make a small run of 63mm spur gears for one reason only.  It would allow the gearing math to IDENTICALLY match the 72/56 gearing that is recommended in Can-Am RC Series 1/12th Stock.  Running a 63/49 is identical to 72/56.  

Buy gears now!

We just did all of the hard work for you.... Thanks us with an order!

Listed under the A12 Optional Parts section of we've partnered with TeamEAM to get some RW Racing Spurs available today.  Look for more options in the upcoming weeks and months!

Stay Safe ... See everyone real soon!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Awesomatix A12 1/12th Scale Electronic On-Road Car

Awesomatix, known for their advanced and revolutionary design of 10 th scale RC electric touring cars, is excited to enter a new class, 12 th scale RC electric on-road, with the A12 pan car.  

A low center of gravity is a critical element in racing performance for any class, and this is further exemplified by the A12 pan car on an entirely new level. Much like the Awesomatix A800MMX touring car, the A12 far surpasses all existing 12 th scales by providing a much lower center of gravity.

A 12th Scale the Awesomatix Way

The Awesomatix A12 features a completely new design compared to any previous 12th scale car on the market.  The A12 does not have a standard lower deck / chassis and lower pod plate, but rather is composed of two parts that work in tandem and are connected with ball joints. The outer frame of these two suspension components contributes to the spring action of the car as it functions like a large spring.  The inner frame contains the front end, servo, receiver, esc and battery.  A hydraulic damper is built between these two parts of the frame, providing easily adjustable dampening and rear axle movement. The end result is a suspension and pivot movement that is similar to conventional 12th scale cars but has proven to be far more durable and tweak free.
Additionally, the alloy side braces on the outer spring frame offer several possibilities to play with rate of the “rear suspension” by simply moving and adjusting a set screw. The stiffness of the chassis can be adjusted very quickly for a variety of track conditions.
The A12 follows the Awesomatix tradition of innovation by using specially designed hydraulic rotary dampeners instead of traditional oil piston shocks.  The A12 rear rotary damper unit is very compact in size and mounted at the lowest possible point on the chassis. Inside of the damper case are two rotary damper “vanes” that work independently to ensure smooth and efficient dampening, which can be adjusted by different viscosity silicon oil. This carefully designed damper provides the required ratio between both the longitudinal and side dampening needed to excel on any track condition. This rear damper is easily removable, too, as just two screws allow for the “quick release” of the entire unit. 

Front End Design

The 7075 T6 aluminum front hubs on the A12 have created a highly adjustable front end design. This kingpin design enables the use of different viscosity oil, grease, and o-rings within the front hubs along with traditional coil-over springs to ensure optimal performance on any racing surface.
Setting the front end camber is quite simple and is done by turning the kingpin post. Predetermined holes in the front carbon suspension plate line up with predrilled holes in the kingpin post which together determine camber angle.  This allows camber to be changed in 0.25 degree increments, from 0.75 to 1.75 degrees.
The A12s stiff front bumper design matches the shape of the front carbon suspension plate and is cut at an angle to match the front-end shape of most commonly used body shells. Unlike most 12th scale kit bumpers, no hand fitment is required and the bumper’s stiffness helps prevent damage in the case of a crash.   

The Inner Frame 

The design concept of the car supports an inline battery and centralized electronics placement. The servo is mounted to the front end cross plate. Multiple sizes and shapes of servos can be used, up until a maximum dimension of 35mm x 30mm x 15mm.  The ESC, receiver, servo and transponder are located in front of the battery.  The rear rotary dampener is positioned under the battery at the back of the Inner Frame. The inner frame connects to the outer frame with 2 ball joints at the front end that allow it to pivot, and small hooks on each side of the damper vane connect it to the rear pod assembly to provide the ideal dampening level.

The carbon side wings offer two possibilities for both side spring placement and rear body posts position.  The side spring positions offered on the car allow for variable side roll stiffness depending on the conditions.  Depending on the body shell used and its mounting position, the narrow or wider holes may be more suitable to ensure no deformation of the body shell at high speeds. 

Rear end design

Another Awesomatix innovation is an ultra-lightweight spring steel-alloy composite spool axle which uses a center nut to quickly change the spur gear. The total weight of this fully-metal spool unit is less than the most competitors’ carbon spools but with far greater total strength and torsional rigidity. 
The very light, solid circular aluminum rear beam provides exceptional rigidity and a tweak-free operation for the rear pod. This rear beam can be set in a short or long wheelbase position, and shims used under this beam set the desired ride height.

Special Features of the A12 Pan Car Kit

- 7075-T6 2mm Aluminum Outer Spring Frame
- 7075-T6 2mm Aluminum Inner Frame
- Lowest center of gravity design
- “No tweak pod” concept
- Rotary damper unit in rear
- Next Level Front End design
- 7075-T6 Aluminum Front Hubs
- Quick and easy adjustability of setup change
- Rigid Frame design
- Carbon Front Suspension plate
- Ultra Lightweight Spool Axle
- Stiff and properly shaped Foam Bumper


- Radio,  Receiver, Transmitter, ESC, Servo, Servo saver, Motor, Fan, Pinion, Spur Gear, Lipo, Body shell and Tires are not included in the kit. They are only used for the presentation of the fully equipped car. 
- Due to our policy of continuous product development, the exact specifications of the kit may vary.
Awesomatix does reserve all rights to change any specifications without prior notice. All rights reserved.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Currency Markets Drive October 1st 2020 AwesomatixUSA Price Increases

The USD dollar has devalued by about 11% as compared to the Euro over the last 9 months (Euro-Dollar moved from 1.11 to 1.19 in the last 3 months).  The weakness in USD vs Euro is forcing a price change for AwesomatixUSA as we must pay Awesomatix in Euro.

Price change going into effect on October 1 2020 for all Awesomatix Car Kits and Parts.  Since we haven't performed a site wide repricing since 2017 certain parts will fluctuate in price up or down by 4 USD.  The most impactful changes will be the price increases to the newest car kits:

  • A800MMX and A800MMX increase from 689.00 USD to 756.50 USD (+67.50 USD)
  • A12 increase from 375.00 USD to 397.00 USD (+22.00 USD)

With the upcoming price change, there is no better time than now to pick up a new A800MMX or A12 series kit.  Kit back orders will be accepted at the current low prices until the October 1st price change...

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What else should I buy for my new A800MMX (or A800MMXA)?

What else should I buy for my new A800MMX (or A800MMXA)?

The age old question - what do I need to buy?  Here is the 2020 version....

Which kit version?

The A800MMX platform builds off of the A800 MMCX Middle Motor Conversion Kit from the prior generation of the A800X Evo platform. We have two kits available:
  • A800MMX - Carbon Chassis - For Asphalt & Low Grip Carpet Surfaces
  • A800MMXA - Alloy Chassis - For Carpet Surfaces

What hop-ups make sense?

Awesomatix makes a variety of different hop-ups for the racing team plus evolves the car kits mid-release cycle to offer enhancements. There are many hop-ups available -- these are our favorites:
  1. Medium ball studs for inner upper links --- A700-ST24M (2 packs/car)
  2. Long ball studs for steering and toe links --- A700-ST24L (1 pack/car)
  3. (required for Carpet Surfaces) SPR01S - Soft Springs
  4. (recommended for Carpet Surfaces) BSR Hard Bumper
  5. Aluminum Battery Holders - 3 Options based upon the type of battery used:
    • For Standard Batteries: AM12X
    • For Low Center of Gravity (LCG) and Ultra Low Center of Gravity (ULCG) Batteries: BW22 
    • For "Shorty" Ultra Low Center of Gravity (ULCG) Batteries: BW52
  6. (recommended for Asphalt Surfaces) Progressive Spring Screws: 15% ST69-1525% ST69-25 or via the complete PSS Kit
  7. OR14V Suspension Arm O-Rings to replace the P07 clips 
  8. C07A Carbon Bumper Brace
  9. Aluminium Long Arm Kit (if you cannot stop knocking down the walls and are breaking the Carbon arms)
  10. (highly recommended for Asphalt Surfaces and USGT/VTA) Chassis Weights - ST105, ST110BW7, BW8 and BW10
  11. Fan Holder - Aluminum AT139 or a 3D printed option, such as BS Works BS-BW01
  12. Advanced Damper Cups Set (ADC) to help increase the time span between Dampener rebuilds

What spares are recommended?

For spares -- don't get crazy here. There are only a few that could prevent you from making it thru a day and we've marked them with a "*" after the part number. 

Friday, July 17, 2020

A12 1/12 Electric Pan Car

Today Awesomatix has released a teaser for the A12 1/12th scale pan car and we are excited to be able to offer this innovate kit for back order now - A12 1/12 Electric Pan Car

This innovate platform has done the world tour in 2020 winning 13.5 1/12th at Snowbird Nationals and being featured in many A-finals throughout the World.  Everyone has talked about the car -- and now is your opportunity to pre-order the Awesomatix A12.

More info and the formal 2020 release date coming soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Soda City King of the Road

Awesomatix clean sweep of TQs and wins at Soda City’s King of the Road 

     As things try and get back to normal in the country Soda City, in Columbia, SC, hosted their annual King of the Road trophy race. The race was attended by drivers around the east coast as some states are still under stay at home orders. Though the attendance was down from prior years the racing was tight among some of the countries up and coming talent. The faculty provided an excellent environment for the racers from beginning to end. 

     In 17.5 touring car it was Awesomatix John Dickson taking TQ over fellow Awesomatix drivers Brian Card and Clayton Young in the fastest class of the day.  During the main event things were shuffled multiple times between all three Awesomatix drivers, but in the end it would be Card taking the win over Young. Dickson would bring it home third completing a clean sweep of the podium for Awesomatix. 

     CanAm Touring car Young would take TQ over fellow Awesomatix drivers Card and Brian Busse. This main, much like the the 17.5 main, would see the lead swapped many times. In the end Busse would take the win by a second over Card. Young would bring it home third rounding out clean sweep number two of the podium spots. 

     USGT would see Young take TQ over up and comer Jeremy Massalou and Cory Craig. From the sound of the tone Young took off and didn’t look back. With Young riding into the sunset the spotlight then shined on forth place Awesomatix driver Jacob Schneider as he charged through the field to come home second.  Craig would round out the podium third. 

     In VTA Young would again set TQ, but it was much closer at the top. The speedy young driver, Ryan Evans driving an Awesomatix, was only a few seconds back. Massalou would qualify third. The main would again see Young charge out to a lead, but Evans would keep him honest throughout the 8 minute race. Massalou would round out the podium coming home third again. 

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Lia, Anderson and Klingforth win at 2020 Snowbird Nationals

This past weekend marked the 26th annual Snowbird Nationals in Kissimmee, Florida.  This non-stop racing event is like no other as the carpet surface is raced in both on-road (mornings) and oval (afternoons) over the course of a week.  This year the Awesomatix team was triumphant in three classes - Can-Am TC, FWD and 1/12th 13.5 GTP - but unfortunately we let wins slip through our hands in SuperStock TC, USGT and Modified TC.  Win or lose -- I'm confident in how strong the showing was from the team and greatly enjoyed the week in sunny Florida!!

In 1/12th 13.5 GTP, for the first time ever, an Awesomatix 1/12th prototype piloted by Donny Lia would take the TQ over Andrew Knapp and Robbie Dodge in 3rd.  The Awesomatix 1/12th impressed people both in on the track and in the pits with its revolutionary design.  In the main Donny would be kept honest by Andrew finishing just 0.2s in front of Andrew to take the win!

1. Donny Lia (Awesomatix) + TQ
2. Andrew Knapp
3. Max Keunning
4. Robbie Dodge
5. Joe Trandell
6. Craig Xavier
7. Ray Darroch
8. Dana Bailes
9. Mike Hanulec
10. Jeff Dayger

In Can-Am Stock TC, Eric Anderson was the class of the field throughout practice and qualifying.  In fact 9 of 10 cars within the A-main were Awesomatix TCs!!  Eric took the tone to tone win followed by Dave Johnson and Brian Card.

1. Eric Anderson (A800MMXA) + TQ
2. Dave Johnson (A800MMXA)
3. Brian Card (A800MMXA)
4. Phil Matthews
5. Arvin Nano (A800 MMCX-A)
6. Mike Hanulec (A800MMXA)
7. Brent Klingforth (A800MMXA)
8. Alston Kelso (A800MMXA)
9. Brian Busse (A800MMXA)
10. Justin Lyons (A800MMXA)

In FWD, Brent Klingforth with his A800FXA would take the TQ in the 4th and final round of qualifying from Justin Lyons in another A800FXA who had held TQ up until then.  Top 1-4 finished as they qualified.

1. Brent Klingforth (A800FXA) + TQ
2. Justin Lyons (A800FXA)
3. David Panter
4. Mesut Yang (A800FXA)
5. Mark Burgess
6. Bobby Woods
7. Charles Mackin

In SuperStock TC Kemp Anderson would take the TQ over Robbie Dodge and Eric Anderson.  After a bit of a bump and run Kemp would unfortunately have to take the vice champion position followed by Matt Lyons in 3rd and Eric Anderson in 4th.

1. Robbie Dodge
2. Kemp Anderson (A800MMXA) + TQ
3. Matt Lyons (A800MMXA)
4. Eric Anderson (A800MMXA)
5. Drew Ellis
6. Luke Pitman
7. Sean Guthrie (A800MMXA)
8. Dave Ehrlich (A800X Evo)
9. Craig Xavier (A800MMXA)
10. Ray Darroch (A800MMCX-A)

In Modified TC Sam Isaacs and Ollie Payne would lead our fight against Alex Hagberg and Yugo Nagashima for overall TQ.  Alex would take the TQ by 2 second over Yugo with Sam and Alex just behind.  Top 3 would finish in the same order.

1. Alex Hagberg
2. Yugo Nagashima
3. Sam Isaacs (A800MMXA)
4. Drew Ellis
5. Keven Hebert
6. Ollie Payne (A800MMXA)
7. Kemp Anderson (A800MMXA)
8. Max Keunning
9. Matt Lyons (A800MMXA)
10. Luke Pitman

In USGT Andrew Mowery would dominate the weekend taking TQ and the Win.  There were many contenders for his top spot throughout the weekend, including our very own Juston Lyons and Al Sodano, but none of them could match Andrew.

1. Andrew Mowery
2. Manny Flores
3. Brent Klingforth (A800MMXA)
4. Scott Jakes
5. John Dickson (A800MMXA)
6. Arvin Nano (A800MMXA)
7. Justin Lyons (A800MMXA)
8. Al Sodano (A800MMXA)
9. Eddie Shaffer
10. Cory Craig

In Mod 1/12th the Awesomatix prototype 1/12th would continue to be tested, and Donny Lia would hold the TQ spot after round 2 of the event.  We continue to learn a lot about the car and cannot await the next big test!

1. Alex Hagberg
2. Andrew Knapp
3. Ollie Payne
4. Keven Hebert
5. Donny Lia (Awesomatix)
6. Dave Vera
7. Sam Issacs (Awesomatix)
8. Max Keunning
9. Ray Darroch
10. Sean Guthrie

Big thanks to all of the customers and team who helped support this great event!  Cannot wait until next year!!