Saturday, June 20, 2015

Xenon Pinion and Spurs in stock!

We've just received a big shipment of Xenon 64P Perfect Pitch pinion, 64P spur gears and 48P Panaracer PRS Spur Gears.  These are the sizes our Awesomatix USA team use in 17.5, 13.5 and Mod Touring car racing.  Perfect way to replenish or build up your collection.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Know your balls!

With the inclusion of the ST24, ST24M and ST24L within the A700 Evo II, A700 Evo IIC and A700L2 kits there has been some confusion at build time about the proper ball studs to use.  Without a caliper, the picture below will explain everything you need to know by analyzing the ball stud shoulder.

From left to right - ST24L, ST24 and ST03

Note the angle and thickness of the ball on the stud.