Thursday, December 26, 2013

Evo Kits and FFG Upgrade Status Update

The demand for A700 Evo 1/10th touring car kits and FFG Upgrade kits has been very high.  The first order of has shipped out just before Christmas and the next order is scheduled to arrive the 2nd week of January.  We continue to accept back orders for both car kits and upgrade kits.  As soon as shipping confirmation for the second (and third) order is provided we will update existing back orders with an expected shipment date.

Thank you everyone for your patience.  Be on the lookout for new kits and conversions at the track over the following two weekends.

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Evo and FFG getting even closer --- and a look into future option parts!

A limited quantity of A700 Evo kits and FFG upgrade kit are bound to arrive on Monday.  Pre-order customers are getting the first shot to get these new kits and parts.  The desire is to ship all pre-order customers on Tuesday.  Any orders received in addition will be fulfilled once the pre-order customers are shipped to.

The manual addendum for both the A700 Evo (an A700L w/ FFG) and the FFG upgrade kit is now available.  Within the manual you will see the parts included with either the car kit, or upgrade kit--

  • FFG Floating Front Gearbox Set
  • AM40 FFG Rear Plate
  • AM41 FFG Gear Box Support
  • AM42 FFG Link Holder Front
  • AM43 FFG Bulkhead 
  • AM44 FFG Gear Box
  • AM46 FFG Front plate
  • AM48 FFG Shaft Support
  • AM49 FFG Tower
  • AM50 FFG Rear Stopper
  • AM54 FFG Link Holder Rear
  • AM56 FFG Clamping Bar 
  • P31 FFG Front Stopper
  • C31 FFG Carbon Rod
  • ST24 4.8mm Ball Stud 
  • DT04 FFG Collar
  • B74RS MR74RS Bearing 
  • SF3X6 M3x6 Flat Head Screw 
  • SB25X8 M2.5x8 Button Head Screw 
  • SC2X6 M2x6 Cap Head Screw 

And there are new optional parts that will be available (some sooner than others).  Notable additional products include a variety of top decks for the FFG kit(s), the Alloy Chassis, GD2, and the flexible caster block (FCB).

  • C21 FFG Top Deck Narrow
  • C22 FFG Top Deck Wide
  • C18 FFG Top Deck Link
  • C31S FFG Carbon Rod Soft
  • ST34 FFG Steel Rod
  • AT31 FFG Alloy Rod
  • C01AL Alloy Lower Deck
  • AM30 Chassis Stiffener
  • AM33 Chassis Stiffener Long
  • AM12-1 Battery Holder
  • P06-1 Downstop Collar
  • SWB14 Sway Bar 1,4mm
  • AT123 GD2 Case1 (part of GD2)
  • AT124 GD2 Case2  (part of GD2)
  • ST31 GD2 Output Axle  (part of GD2)
  • SS3X4-1 M3x4 DIN915 Screw  (part of GD2)
  • OR13 13mm O-Ring  (part of GD2)
  • P36 Flexible Caster Block (FCB)
  • P38 FCB Link
  • OR08 FCB O-Ring 
  • AM28 FCB Link
  • ST33 FCB Screw
  • AT33 FCB Hex Shim
  • P13-4 Ball End
  • SB25X5 M2.5x5 Button Head Screw
  • AS-700L BLS Servo
  • C32 Carbon Main Shaft
  • G07 GD2 Satellite Gear
  • G08 GD2 Bevel Gear
  • P39 GD2 Cross Pin
  • WA02 Washer 3.5x9.5x0.2
  • WA03 Washer 5x15.5x0.3

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Awesomatix USA Caster Doodles and Tranny Tool

Awesomatix USA is proud to announce our latest custom parts for Awesomatix Touring Cars.

The Awesomatix USA Caster Doodles are new improved with a new, easier to read design. They are designed to be mounted on either the AM06 or AM06S to fine tune caster settings. In the picture the silver caster doodle is shown with a A700EXL, carbon fibre setup board and Hudy Gauges. All of these additional items are not included.

Our second tool - the Tranny Tool - has been updated with Freddy S├╝dhoff's favorite phrase -- MAXIMUM. The tranny tool is a carbon 10mm and 12mm wrench. They are a great alternative to the heavy 10mm and 12mm wrenches used to tighten the gear diff or spur gear nut

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Roberto Falcon wins 17.5T at 2013 Minnreg Turkey Shoot

The 2013 Minnreg Turkey Shoot was held this past week by Mike Boylan and company in Florida.  It is a three day race featuring Oval racing Saturday and Road Racing on Sunday.  This is one of the few times over the year that Flordia road racers go indoors and compete on carpet.  In the largest and most competitive Road Racing class - 17.5T Rubber Touring - Roberto Falcon, in his first outing with the Awesomatix A700L USA Spec, hung tough through qualifying learning how to tune and setup his car while battling round after round for TQ in the class.  When qualifying was finished TJ Bradley was the Top Qualifier, with Mark Burt 2nd and Roberto Falcon 3rd.  All three drivers were separated by less than one second.  Prior round TQ, Cory Parsons, would end up 4th qualifier after the final rocket round.

In the A-final, TJ, Mark and Roberto (2nd white car) got out front and started to break away from the back.  Roberto got by Mark and started chasing TJ.  Half way through the race TJ piped it and the top 4 cars all collided.  Roberto was the first out of the pile with Cory in hot pursuit.  Roberto held up to one minute of pressure from Cory until he tapped out too allowing Roberto to cruse to the win, followed by Mark and finally Cory taking 3rd.   

Roberto summed up his first race experience by saying --
"Every adjustment I made to the car only got better .. I'm really impressed.  Well engineered to say the least"

Heading into Snowbirds Roberto should feel really good about his past weekend's performance.  Now all he needs is a t-shirt and a non-white paint job!  Congrats again Roberto!!