One Year - Great Results!

In one year, Team Awesomatix USA has racked up an impressive list of race results in some of the largest races in North America.  Better yet, our success is not alone, as Awesomatix drivers across the globe have been putting everyone else on notice.  


Awesomatix USA was started in 2013. We strive to provide the best support possible for this exciting and innovate electric touring car platform. We are the exclusive distributor for Awesomatix in North America - United States and Canada.

Awesomatix USA is built upon the experience with Side Piece Racing Products and my always over stocked large yellow waterproof cases.  After having over stocked pit bags of XRay and then TOP Racing touring car parts for the past 5 years, I've decided to step up and fill the North American gap in support for the Awesomatix line of touring cars.

Awesomatix launched onto the scene in late 2008 with some sneak peak pictures on RedRC.  Fast forward to late 2011 and the initial touring car, the A700, was released to the public.  The A700 has been shining within the European Touring Car Series (ETS).

Awesomatix USA strives to bring this successful platform to the forefront in North America.  Watch for our growing team of drivers at local, regional, national and international racing venues.