Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gee & Sydor Win in Vegas!

After a 1 year absence as the Riviera was torn down, drivers from around the world were excited for the return of the International Indoor Championships at the Westgate. Scotty Ernst and crew put together one of the nicest tracks the US has seen 120'x60' in size, complete with real curbs that proved to be a hit. The CRC black carpet initially provided lower grip than expected, but with some teamwork and setup changes, everyone in the Awesomatix camp was looking fast for qualifying.

17.5 TC was the biggest class of the event, fielding 70 entries. After 4 rounds of qualifying, Awesomatix team driver Mike Gee would be TQ, with the XRays of Eric Anderson and Jan Ratheisky second and third.  Awesomatix would have 5 cars make the show, with Sam Isaacs, Brad Johnson, Kyle Klingforth, and Mike Hanulec bumping in from the B. In the final, Mike Gee would run away from the field at the tone, amassing over a 6 second lead by the end.  Jan and Jimmy Maddison would round out the podium.

17.5 Results
1. Mike Gee (TQ) - Awesomatix
2. Jan Ratheisky
3. Jimmy Maddison
4. Brad Johnson -Awesomatix
5. Craig Xavier
6. Eric Anderson
7. Sam Isaacs -Awesomatix
8. Michael Hanulec -Awesomatix
9. Sandro Speck
10. Kyle Klingforth -Awesomatix

The Spec GT class would prove to have super close racing all week, thanks to having handout motor and speed control, as well as a FDR limit. In qualifying, Rod Canare would take the TQ spot, with Devin Patterson starting 2nd and the Awesomatix of Bill Sydor starting 3rd. In the main, a tap from Canare on the first lap would put him back in the pack, moving Patterson and Sydor to the top. Sydor would follow in Patterson's shadow for a few laps, and on lap 8 Patterson made a small mistake on the curbing, allowing just enough space for Sydor to go through, giving him the lead which he would not relinquish.

Spec GT results
1. Bill Sydor -Awesomatix
2. Devin Patterson
3. Bill Jeric
4. Fabio Evangelista -Awesomatix
5. Duy Khuong
6. Art Scrimo -Awesomatix
7. Rod Canare (TQ)
8. Robert Brandow
9. Monte Hess
10. Eric Epp

In 13.5 TC, it would be Jan Ratheisky setting the TQ pace, with the Associated of Keven Hebert starting P2, and Mike Gee P3. Awesomatix would put 4 cars in the A main with Gee, Sam, Brad and Kyle, the most of any brand in the 13.5 main. In the final, and early mistake from Hebert would promote Gee and Sam to P2 and P3. After a few minutes, Gee would turn up the heat on Ratheisky, but a late bobble would give Jan enough cushion to take the win, with Gee and Sam filling the podium

13.5 Results
1. Jan Ratheisky (TQ)
2. Mike Gee -Awesomatix
3. Sam Isaacs -Awesomatix
4. Kyle Klingforth -Awesomatix
5. Josh Cyrul
6. Martin Hudy
7. Keven Hebert
8. Jesse Davis
9. Brad Johnson -Awesomatix
10. Eric Albano

Mod TC had a strong field of 50 drivers, including 6 current and former world champions, so everyone's work was cut out. Bruno Coelho would TQ and go on to win in convincing fashion, but for Awesomatix Sam Isaacs would finish 4th in the B, the highest placed US driver at the event. Not bad for Sam's first big mod race on carpet! Korey Harbke would also make the mod B main, finishing 7th.

Finally, big thanks to the entire crew of drivers and customers, many of which recently switched to Awesomatix in 2016 for helping make our largest turn out of competitors yet!  So many dudes, we couldn't coral them into a single picture at the same time!?!

Photo credits: Rugspin Graphix

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gee, Isaacs and Fenimore win at 2016 ROAR Asphalt Nationals

This past weekend RC racers from around the USA and Canada converged at Valkaria RC to race against the best at the 2016 Roar Asphalt Nationals sponsored by Team Powers. In attendance for Team Awesomatix USA was Mike Gee, Mike Hanulec, Monti Panzica, Sam Isaacs, Danny Jenkins, Chris Kemper, Billy Spence, Sal Amato, Tim Haskins, Jason Burks, and Johnee Fenimore. Having never won a ROAR National Title on Asphalt, the Awesomatix team had high hopes to make the 2016 Paved Nationals their best and most productive yet. 

Practice began on Wednesday morning as drivers quickly became aware of the ever-changing track conditions and intricacies of the beautiful Valkaria RC layout. As practice continued through Thursday night, it was Mike Gee looking strong in 13.5 as well as Mod TC. Sam led the way as “practice TQ” in 17.5 TC with the rest of the team finding strong pace as well. Johnee Fenimore appeared to have the 21.5 TC class locked down.

Qualifying began Friday night, with qualifying points being used to determine main starting positions. 21.5 TC was led by Johnee Fenimore who TQ’d 3 of 4 rounds to start on pole. Tim Haskins also made the final to start 3 cars in the 21.5 main event. Johnee won A1 and A2 to become the 21.5 TC National Champion!

In 17.5 touring, the largest class, Sam was able to TQ 3 of 4 rounds and start on pole for Sunday’s main event. Chris Kemper, Danny Jenkins, Billy Spence, and Sal Amato all made the A final for a total of 5 Awesomatix cars. Sam won A1 in convincing fashion over 2 seconds clear of the field. A charging Ray Darroch, Austin Wolfe, and Craig Xavier who started 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively made Sam’s work harder in A2. An early rough start for Sam put Craig and Austin to the top early. 3 minutes in, Austin flipped on a dot and Sam got around, slowly catching Craig for the race lead. With two laps to go, Sam made a clean pass on the inside of Xavier in front of the driver stand just before the chicane, and came around for his final lap to take the overall win and title in the 17.5 division!

13.5 touring was the Mike Gee show, as he TQ’d all 4 rounds of qualifying in strong and convincing fashion, with teammate Sam Isaacs finishing with three 2nd’s to ultimately lineup second on the grid. Team Associated’s Keven Hebert would line up third with Xray’s Craig Xavier in the 4th spot in what would surely be a fun and competitive set of A main finals. Danny Jenkins, Chris Kemper, and Mike Hanulec also made A-main appearances for a total of 5 cars in the A. Mike Gee led tone-to-tone in A1 and A2 to claim his 5th National Title, with Sam Isaacs winning A3 to secure second place over Associated’ Keven Hebert and Craig Xavier in 4th.

As expected, Modified TC proved the most entertaining and talent-packed class of the event, with several ROAR national and IFMAR world champions present. Among those entered were Ryan Cavalieri, Rick Hohwart, Keven Hebert, Randy Caster, and Paul Lemieux, making this the most stacked Nationals in recent memory. Awesomatix USA was well represented in Modified TC as Mike Gee, Mike Hanulec, and Monti Panzica all looked to do damage. Mike Gee highlighted qualifying as he lead for 3 minutes over 4 time IFMAR world champion Ryan Cavalieri in round 2, suffering an unfortunately roll over from which he recovered to take his best single round finish of 5th. After 4 rounds, Gee would start 6th with Panzica making the A final starting 10th after an excellent third and fourth round. As the mains began, Rick Hohwart started on pole with Cavalieri, Caster and Lemieux in tow in what was an epic three-leg set. Hohwart displayed perfect driving in A1 but fell victim to “Associated on Associated” crime when Cavalieri hit him from behind and went on to take the A1 win. Hohwart’s driving clinic in A2 led him to a win but a mistake in A3 gave the overall title to Cavalieri. Mike Gee placed best for Awesomatix, finishing 7th overall as Monti Panzica would round out the A-main in 10th. 

Awesomatix USA finishes with its best asphalt results to date, taking three National titles to sweep the spec classes at the 2016 Roar Asphalt Nationals!  The team showed great pace, support and teamwork all week to help the team reach the top! Come catch up with the team next month in Las Vegas at the International Indoor Championships!

A-main results:

21.5 TC:

  1. Johnee Fenimore (TQ—Awesomatix)
  2. Robbie Michaels
  3. Michael Bruce
  4. Ken Campbell
  5. Seth Moore
  6. Kevin Abbott
  7. Joseph Depinto
  8. John Kwascigroh
  9. John Toth
  10. Tim Haskins (Awesomatix)

17.5 TC:

  1. Sam Isaacs (TQ—Awesomatix)
  2. Craig Xavier
  3. Austin Wolfe
  4. Ray Darroch
  5. Chris Kemper (Awesomatix)
  6. Billy Spence (Awesomatix)
  7. Sal Amato (Awesomatix)
  8. David Franklin
  9. Robert Cooper
  10. Danny Jenkins (Awesomatix)

13.5 TC:

  1. Mike Gee (TQ—Awesomatix)
  2. Sam Isaacs (Awesomatix)
  3. Keven Hebert
  4. Craig Xavier
  5. Ray Darroch
  6. Dave Vera
  7. Michael Hanulec (Awesomatix)
  8. Stephen Boice
  9. Danny Jenkins (Awesomatix)
  10. Chris Kemper (Awesomatix)

Modified TC:

  1. Ryan Cavalieri
  2. Rick Hohwart
  3. Keven Hebert
  4. Randy Caster
  5. Paul Lemieux
  6. Dave Vera
  7. Mike Gee (Awesomatix)
  8. Lex Tyler
  9. Brandon McNally
  10. Monti Panzica (Awesomatix)

Friday, September 2, 2016

Know your hubs!

First hub

The silver AM06 was the very first hub on offer for the A700 line of cars.  This part was available through the first generation of A700 kits.

As of 2016 this part is no longer being manufacture, but is available in limited quantities.

2013 - Low Profile Hub (USA Spec)

With the introduction of the second generation of cars, a lower height hub, AM06S, was now on offer.  The switch from AM06 to AM06S needs 2.5mm correction ( reducing) of the inner upper shims for equal roll centers.  Soon into the Awesomatix USA product line offering we made the AM06S a standard part within our 'USA Spec' car kits.
By April 2014, AM06S became the standard for all Awesomatix cars.  As of 2016, this hub is no longer being manufactured.

2014 - Narrow Low Profile Hub

The third hub, AM06M, started life off as a modified AM06 hub with the lower section cut to offer the same axle height/roll center as the AM06S, but with a narrower track width (1.5mm narrower on car width).

This hub became very popular on the rear of our A700 Evo and Evo2 cars when racing on asphalt.

As of 2016 this part is no longer being manufacture, but is available in limited quantities.

2015 - Adjustable Flex

In July 2015 the AM06S-M were introduced.  This part had the the geometry of AM06S with additional flex and possibility of bearings fit adjustment via additional M2 screws.

AM06S-M became the standard hub with the A800 chassis.  These hubs seemed to work best within the new vehicle dynamics of the A800 with a 1mm shim at the bottom of the hub.  

AM06S-M is no longer being manufactured. 

2016 - Going Back Wide

In response to the 1mm shimming of AM06S-M, the AM06W have been introduced.  

Both of these hubs look very similar.  To tell them apart, look at the height of the 'tubes' on the top of the hub where it mates w/ the AM14 part.  On the AM06W you'll find a recessed tube.

AM06W is available now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What else should I buy for my new A800?

Multiple times a week we are receiving the question -- "What hop-up parts and spares do you recommend".  We've queried all of our team drivers and brought back the best answers for your help. 

Which kit version?

If you were to just have one car kit, the A800A, featuring the khaki colored A800-C01B-AL chassis, is the most versatile for the various surfaces we face.  Because of this, the A800A is the predominate version of the A800 series we've been recommending, selling, and racing ourselves.  

What hop-ups make sense?

  1. Soft springs --- A700-SPR01S or A800-SPR01S-98 (1 pack/car)
  2. Medium ball studs for inner upper links --- A700-ST24M (2 packs/car)
  3. Long ball studs for steering and toe links --- A700-ST24L (1 pack/car)
  4. Titanium turnbuckles - 9x 1-1/8"; 4x 1-1/2" --- lundsford has had stocking issues, we are looking to replace them with an option from Roche/Radtec hopefully by September 2016
  5. Steering brace --- A800-C25 --- Some like the direct feel it provides. I run it in mod, but not in stock.
  6. 2.25mm carbon chassis --- A800-C01B-2.25 --- This chassis has improved flex characteristics for asphalt racing
  7. BSR hard dumper --- F50043L --- A must have for carpet racing. Newly redesigned for the 2016 indoor carpet racing season to be custom mounted/trimmed to prevent any front body flex.
For older generations of the A800 (pre-April/D2.2) we'd highly recommend investing in the strong Shock Guide Rod (A800-SPR02H). With the introduction of the D2.2 dampers the A800-SPR02H3 parts are already included within the kits.

One final point, you'll see many setups from Europe featuring carbon arms.  We've seen carbon arms degrade during heat and overall not withstand crash damage as well.  When comparing setups between alloy and carbon setups, we'd recommend lowering the damper oil weight by 5wt when using alloy arms as they flex less than carbon.  

What spares are recommended?

For spares -- don't get crazy here.  There are only a few that could prevent you from making it thru a day and we've marked them with a "*" after the part number.  
  • P01
  • P02
  • P03 *
  • P04 
  • P05 *
  • P07 
  • P12
  • P16
  • ST13 *
  • ST05L *
  • P14
  • P13-4
  • C27
  • C04AL
  • ST10 *
  • ST11 *
As usual maintenance items (i.e. not crash damage), especially when running alloy arms, the primary wear items are P04, ST10, ST11.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

New parts and old favorites

Awesomatix USA just received some hot new option parts, and a ton of spares.  Please get your orders in ASAP as we are going on holiday after a long week of racing and catching up on a huge order back log.

Also, in case you missed it, A800 and A800A kits are in stock!