Three Models in 2015

For 2015 four new 1/10th Scale Electric Touring Car Kits available from Awesomatix.  Due to the popularity of the car kits we are now offering back orders on kits. This shopping cart at will inform you that the kit is on back order once it is placed into your cart.

Awesomatix USA will focus on bringing in 3 of the 4 kits once they are available
  • A700 Evo II - Updated, Alloy Chassis Version of the A700 Evo - Available now
  • A700 Evo IIC - Updated, Carbon Chassis Version of the A700 Evo - Available now
  • A700L2 - Updated, Carbon Chassis Version of the A700L - Available now
  • A700EX2 - Updated, Carbon Chassis Version of the A700EX - Contact us if interested in this design
These four kits will be evolutions to the prior A700 Evo, A700L and A700EX designs, not revolutions!

2015 Design Evolutions

A700 Evo II

The A700 Evo II builds upon the successful A700 Evo design.  The A700 Evo burst onto the scene winning 17.5 TC at 2014 Snowbirds and Mod TC at the 2014 ROAR Carpet On-Road Nationals.  For 2015 the Evo II comes with an new, thinner Alloy Chassis.  The A700 Evo II just won both 17.5 TC and 13.5 TC at 2015 ROAR Carpet On-Road Nationals!

More info on the A700 Evo II
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A700 Evo IIC

 The A700 Evo IIC is the carbon chassis version of the A700 Evo II.  The Evo IIC will be available in January once the newly design C01L2 carbon chassis.

but features a revolutionary new drive train system called “FFG” (Floating Front Gearbox). The front gearbox is now able to float inside the outer frame during acceleration and braking. This allows the gearbox to move left/ right and rotate to prevent any chassis flex/tweak effect from the shaft transmission torque.

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Refreshed for 2015, the 2014 ROAR Carpet On-Road Nationals and 2014 International Indoor Championship winning 17.5 TC Touring Car features all of the improvements for 2015 and will include the newly designed C01L2 carbon chassis.

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