Rebuildable Damper Set

New for 2015 is the A700-D2-S - Rebuildable Damper Set.  
The damper allows for both dampening adjustment via thicker silicon oil, and consistent performance since the racer can rebuild the shock.


Included within the 2015 Car Lines
  • A700 Evo II
  • A700 Evo IIC
  • A700L2
  • A700EX2
Or as an upgrade to existing Awesomatix cars.  Requires the AM17L and AM17R Damper Holder included within every kit except for the original A700.  4x A700-D2-S are required for one car.

Assembly Diagram

Build Instructions

1) The initial position of the OR12 O-ring near the outer edge of the AT41.  OR12 moves into the hole/ST46 channel during oil expansion and prevents the oil squeezing through the output seal (OR15)
2) Insert the AT41 Rotor into the AT42 case
3) Stand the damper up and fill it to the top with 500cst silicone oil.  Oil should cover the AT41 Rotor completely.
4) It is highly recommend that damper be placed into a vacuum pump to remove air. Otherwise let the damper sit for 30m+ to allow air bubbles to escape
5) Place OR18 O-ring in the groove of the AT40 damper nut
6) With the damper still vertical, screw AT40 onto the AT42 with a 9mm socket wrench until fully threaded.  Do not force the AT40 damper nut - once aligned, it will screw on easily.
7) Screw ST46 into AT41 with a 1.5mm hex driver.  Upon assembly some oil will seep through the thin gap between AT40 and AT41.
8) Place OR15 O-ring into the AT40. You can use the thin flat small screwdriver for this.
9) Place B85 Bearing into the AT40.
10) Place three 5x7x0.1mm shims onto the AT40 output shaft
11) Install the complete damper into the AM17 but do not tighten the SC2x6 screw yet.
12) Install the SPR02 into the slot on the AT40 output shaft. The tip of the SPR02 may be sanded for easier installation.
13) Secure the SPR02 with SS3x3.
14) Rotate the complete damper within the AM17 until the maximum up travel is reached. The damper do not rotate more than 30 degrees.
15) Secure the SC2x6 screw in the AM17.

Additional Information

The new rebuildable dampers no longer support Asymmetrical Dampening configurations like the prior A700-DR6 and A700-DL6 dampers.


January 9th 2015 - After installing the A700-D2 into the car, you must set Arm Upstop limiters within the P12 part.  It is recommended to have a 15 to 16mm Upstop limit set.