A700 Evo

In 2014 Awesomatix will release an evolution of the mold breaking A700 touring car - The A700 Evo.

The Evo uses most parts from former A700 versions but features a revolutionary new drive train system called “FFG” (Floating Front Gearbox).

The front gearbox is now able to float inside the outer frame during acceleration and braking. This allows the gearbox to move left/ right and rotate to prevent any chassis flex/tweak effect from the shaft transmission torque.

Conventional shaft transmission designs tend to suffer from unwanted chassis flex due to torque the main shaft exerts on the front gearbox. This effect is more visible with powerful modified motors and soft chassis flex settings.

The Awesomatix FFG design eliminates this problem. A light weight carbon tube withstands the drivetrain torque forces and separates the main chassis from any stress.

With these new parts the car is also able to be driven without a conventional carbon top deck connected, eliminating traditional tweak issues caused by a moving top deck.

Both Freddy S├╝dhoff and Viljami Kutvonen used this chassis configuration at the last TC Euros in Portugal (both A-Main contenders).
All team drivers have reported a complete different feeling from the car. It produces a lot more corner speed and results in less tire wear, especially on asphalt. The car also tends to be easier to drive in low grip asphalt conditions.

New parts for the “A700 Evo” include:
- New floating front gearbox system
- New top deck design
- New middle post to stiffen the center chassis flex
- New front camber link positions
- New flex setting possibilities

The A700 Evo will be released at the end of 2013/ early 2014.