A700 Evo II

In 2015 Awesomatix will release the second evolution of the mold breaking A700 touring car - The A700 Evo II.

The Evo II uses most parts from former A700 Evo, including the ground breaking Floating Front Gearbox (FFG).

The new kit has three major feature changes
  1. Rebuildable Damper - to allow for larger damping adjustment and consistence performance (A700-D2)
  2. Motor mount - to allow for chassis flex changes, easier motor installation and finer gear mesh adjustment (A700-MM2 also known as A700-AM69 + A700-AM70 + A700-AM73-1, A700-AM73-3 & A700-AM73-4)
  3. Alloy Chassis - now featuring our narrowest design yet (A700-C01AL-S2)
Also included within the kit are
  • Alloy Chassis Braces and updated FFG Tower (A700-AM33-5 and A700-AM49-3)
  • Strong Carbon Arms (A700-C04M)
  • Floating servo mount and Short Steering Link (A700-AM24 and A700-ST21S)
  • Open Ended Ball Cups (A700-P13-4)
  • Ball Studs for camber links and steering links (A700-ST24 and A700-ST24L)
  • Latest Diff (A700-GD2-S)
  • Updated Spool (A700-AT03M-S)
In the A700 Evo II first outing, Viljami scored a 5th overall in the Modified class at the opening round of the 2014/2015 Round at ETS

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