Friday, September 25, 2020

Awesomatix A12 Gearing Considerations for Stock 17.5 and GT12 21.5 Racing

The innovative Awesomatix A12 platform, with the inline design and inner and outer chassis frames, introduces some new constraints to traditional 1/12th scale racers -- gear selection.  The A12 has already proven itself in both Super Stock 13.5 and Modified 1/12th scale racing, but until recently it hasn't been even tested with slower / higher wind motor combos.  

Just like many of you, we race 1/12th scale too, so we know that people will be surprised about the need for different sized spur gears.  So read up and learn about our new 1/12th platform!!

Design Considerations

The “No tweak pod” concept offers a smaller range of motor fore and aft adjustment than we traditionally find within a 1/12th scale car.  The pod offers two axle positions, and these positions offer different quantities of "gear count".  Between the prototype A12 and the production A12 the amount of gear choices has been greatly increased.  

All of the following calculations are based upon a 36mm diameter 540 motor.  Motors with a smaller diameter, like the Team Scream Low Rider series can support even a wider range of gears.
  • Short wheelbase: 112T to 120T of gear count
  • Long wheelbase: 112T to 125T of gear count (aka, +5 teeth)

What is Gear Count?

Simply put - the sum of 64 pitch spur + pinion teeth should be in the range of

  • 112 to 120 for short wheelbase
  • 112 to 125 for long wheelbase

Simple Gear Charts

The following is a simple roll-out calculation based upon a 40.0mm rear tire size.  This tire size is often a great starting point for spec racing, but is by no means the smallest tire that can be run on the platform.  

Our roll-out targets for motors were:
  • 17.5 - 95mm
  • 21.5 - 102mm
The areas shared in the salmon color signify gear that is supported when running a long rear wheelbase in the A12.

We decided to make a small run of 63mm spur gears for one reason only.  It would allow the gearing math to IDENTICALLY match the 72/56 gearing that is recommended in Can-Am RC Series 1/12th Stock.  Running a 63/49 is identical to 72/56.  

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