Tuesday, September 1, 2020

What else should I buy for my new A800MMX (or A800MMXA)?

What else should I buy for my new A800MMX (or A800MMXA)?

The age old question - what do I need to buy?  Here is the 2020 version....

Which kit version?

The A800MMX platform builds off of the A800 MMCX Middle Motor Conversion Kit from the prior generation of the A800X Evo platform. We have two kits available:
  • A800MMX - Carbon Chassis - For Asphalt & Low Grip Carpet Surfaces
  • A800MMXA - Alloy Chassis - For Carpet Surfaces

What hop-ups make sense?

Awesomatix makes a variety of different hop-ups for the racing team plus evolves the car kits mid-release cycle to offer enhancements. There are many hop-ups available -- these are our favorites:
  1. Medium ball studs for inner upper links --- A700-ST24M (2 packs/car)
  2. Long ball studs for steering and toe links --- A700-ST24L (1 pack/car)
  3. (required for Carpet Surfaces) SPR01S - Soft Springs
  4. (recommended for Carpet Surfaces) BSR Hard Bumper
  5. Aluminum Battery Holders - 3 Options based upon the type of battery used:
    • For Standard Batteries: AM12X
    • For Low Center of Gravity (LCG) and Ultra Low Center of Gravity (ULCG) Batteries: BW22 
    • For "Shorty" Ultra Low Center of Gravity (ULCG) Batteries: BW52
  6. (recommended for Asphalt Surfaces) Progressive Spring Screws: 15% ST69-1525% ST69-25 or via the complete PSS Kit
  7. OR14V Suspension Arm O-Rings to replace the P07 clips 
  8. C07A Carbon Bumper Brace
  9. Aluminium Long Arm Kit (if you cannot stop knocking down the walls and are breaking the Carbon arms)
  10. (highly recommended for Asphalt Surfaces and USGT/VTA) Chassis Weights - ST105, ST110BW7, BW8 and BW10
  11. Fan Holder - Aluminum AT139 or a 3D printed option, such as BS Works BS-BW01
  12. Advanced Damper Cups Set (ADC) to help increase the time span between Dampener rebuilds

What spares are recommended?

For spares -- don't get crazy here. There are only a few that could prevent you from making it thru a day and we've marked them with a "*" after the part number.