Sunday, June 9, 2019

Reedy Race Clean Sweep of Open classes

     Reedy International Race of Champions

     This years Reedy International Race of Champions was held at Steel City Raceway in Fontana, CA for the first time and Awesomatix came firing on all cylinders.  With drivers coming from around the globe this race is often considered one of the most prestigious events in RC.  The weather was probably the most unpredictable issue at Reedy in years, but great team chemistry of Awesomatix drivers helped quickly adapt to the ever changing track conditions.  Because of weather, the event was rearranged to maximize the amount of racing within the forecast good weather days.  With the talent level extremely high, most things in the open classes were not decided until the last mains on Sunday.

       In Sportsman Class after a win in A1, A2 would see Awesomatix driver Kevin Cole have some struggles and bring it home third.  A3 was not run until Sunday, but Kevin was ready, taking the win in A3 and the over all win in Sportsman.

     In Expert class Germany's Max Machler would dominated from beginning to end.  Max was on point in every qualifier (TQ) and won A1 and A2 leaving the rest of the field to fight for second.  Fortunately for fellow Awesomatix driver Clayton Young A3 was run on Sunday, because after A1 and A2 he was sitting forth.  With amazing advice from Machler, Young was able to take the win in A3 and move to second overall.

     In Modified Awesomatix driver EJ Evans was TQ and able to take the win in A1.  With a little bit of a bobble in A2 he was still sitting 1st overall after Saturday but would need to take the win in A3 to ensure the overall victory.  In A3 EJ did not disappoint.  He took his TQ and drove away from the field taking the overall win.  Fellow Awesomatix driver Armand DeForest also improved his position on Sunday moving up to third overall after taking 2nd in A2.

     The Reedy race showed what great teamwork was all about.  Sharing information and helping each other out proved critical to an amazing showing by the Awesomatix team.