Friday, December 19, 2014

2015 Edition Car Kits and Upgrade Parts

For the 2015 season Awesomatix is proud to announce four new kit options
  • A700 Evo II - Updated, Alloy Chassis Version of the A700 Evo - Pre-order available now
  • A700 Evo IIC - Updated, Carbon Chassis Version of the A700 Evo - Available in January
  • A700L2 - Updated, Carbon Chassis Version of the A700L - Available in January
  • A700EX2 - Updated, Carbon Chassis Version of the A700EX - Contact us if interested in this design
These four kits will be evolutions to the prior A700 Evo, A700L and A700EX designs, not revolutions!  The first major details on the cars were posted on RCTech this week.

2015 Design Evolutions

  • Rebuildable Dampers
  • New Floating Motor/Battery Mount
  • New Chassis Designs

A700 Evo II

A700 Evo II - Updated, Alloy Chassis Version of the A700 Evo - Pre-order available now

Detailed feature list of the A700 Evo II
  1. Floating Front Gearbox - A700-FFG1.1
  2. New Motor Mount - A700-MM2 - instead of AM03-1
  3. Four new rebuildable dampers - A700-D2 - instead of DL6 and DR6
  4. New Alloy Chassis - A700-C01AL-S2
  5. Latest Alloy Chassis Brace and FFG Tower - A700-AM33-5 and A700-AM49-3
  6. Floating Servo Mount - A700-AM24 - now included instead of AM07L/R
  7. Latest Diff - A700-GD2-S - included instead of GD1
  8. Latest Spool - A700-AT03M-S - included instead of AT03
  9. Short Steering Link - A700-ST21S - included instead of ST21
  10. Standard height ball studs - A700-AT21 - included just for lower arm mounts
  11. New C04M carbon arms (much stronger material)
  12. New Ball Studs included for upper camber links and all steering linkages - A700-ST24 and A700-ST24L - instead of AT21
  13. Open ended ball cups - A700-P13-4 - included instead of P13
  14. Various screw count changes

Upgrade Options for Existing Cars

You can upgrade your existing Awesomatix cars to the latest 2015 spec without buying a brand new kit -- unlike our competitors.  The simplest upgrade paths are for our 2nd and 3rd generation of cars - A700L, A700EXL, A700EX and A700 Evo.

Damper Upgrade

Awesomatix USA has all of the major parts needed to upgrade to the A700 Evo II Rebuildable Damper / Shock for an existing A700L, A700EX, A700EXL, or A700 Evo.  Requires AM17L and AM17R Damper Holders (included in every car except the first A700)

Pre-order now

Chassis Upgrade

The A700-C01AL-S2 Alloy Chassis

Building upon the already successful A700-C01AL-S design, this chassis is the narrowest design yet to minimize chassis drag on the racing surface and raise overall corner speed.  All of the major parts needed to upgrade to the A700 Evo II Alloy Chassis, including the A700-AM33-5 Chassis Brace, A700-AM49-3 FFG Tower and A700-P06-1 Droop Screw Inserts.

Pre-order now

Motor Mount Upgrade

The A700-MM2 Motor Mount

This new floating motor mount offers different flexibility settings to adjust overall flexibility.  Motor Mount 2 requires A700-C01AL-S or A700-C01AL-S2 chassis (not included).