Tuesday, September 9, 2014

GD2 diffs now shipping in kits and new parts - ST17-1-S, C21-2, AM33-5 and AM49-3 - now available

The latest batch of A700 Evo and A700L kits now include the complete GD2 gear diff.  Kit back orders have taken most of this initial support, but now with GD2 available in the kit, racers are saving $120 USD in this newly combined upgrade.

The previously announced ST17-1-S Universal Ring Set for the front DCJ are now available in large quantities.

The brand new AM33-5 chassis stiffener, AM49-3 Short FFG Tower, and C21-2 2nd generation top deck are now available.

Finally, the soft alloy C01AL-S chassis is back in stock too!