Unique Features

The Awesomatix line of touring cars is unique for many reasons.

Patented Suspension Dampening System

Tired of rebuilding shocks?  Or carrying around different weight oils, pistons and springs?  With the simple adjustment of two screws per dampener you can change both the dampening and spring rate observed at a given corner of the car.  The dampers are oil filled, but you never need to change the fluid. You simply slide the dampers in and out to adjust the damping.

Smooth, lightweight with a low center of gravity. Resulting from having the dampeners mounted low on the chassis without the need for shock towers. The dampening system is fully adjustable without the need for dis-assembly. Rates of the compression and rebound dampening differs in our shock absorbers controllably.

How They Work

Sliding the damper changes the springs leverage on the damper, and the leverage of the spring rate/ride height screws on the spring. Sliding the damper out (more gap) is more damping and a stiffer spring rate simultaneously. Changing the screws (B) only changes the spring rate.

Sliding the damper out would be like putting on a stiffer spring, and putting in thicker shock oil at the same time. Sliding the screws would be changing just the spring. You can use a combination of these 2 to change just the "shock oil". Hope that helps.

Motor Layout

One of the most noticeable differences is the two types of motor positions supported within both the A700 and A700EX touring cars.

  1. Transverse Motor Mount - the more traditional motor mounting style found within other manufacture's top-end touring cars.  This mounting style creates more rear traction, but decreases the cars ability to change direction quickly.
  2. Longitudinal Motor Mount - the motor is mounted at a 90 degree angle as compared to the more traditional Transverse design, allowing for the weight to be located towards the center of the car. 
There are two other car models in the Awesomatix line up, the A700L and A700EXL.  These kits support the Longitudinal motor design, but with the addition of parts the A700EXL can also be converted into a Transverse configuration.

Initially when the car was launched you would find drivers swapping between Transverse and Longitudinal configurations.  After the recent modifications to the chassis flex characteristics of the A700EX, the Factor Team even when running modified has been focusing on setups featuring the Longitudinal configuration.