Rear Floating Geardiff (RFG) Set

The Rear Floating Geardiff (RFG) Set is the latest evolution of the Awesomatix touring car drive shaft optimization.  The RFG allows the motor and motor mount to stay fixed, and allow the rear of the car to flex more thus increasing overall rear end grip/traction.


The RFG is currently only being sold as a hop-up part set.
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The RFG requires many parts from the MM2 Motor Mount to complete the installation and configuration.

Part List

New parts within the upgrade set include:
  • A700-C24 RFG Top Deck
  • A700-AM80 RFG Rear Body Holder
  • A700-AM81 RFG Bearing Housing
  • A700-AM82 RFG Plate
  • A700-AM83 RFG Link Holder
And existing Awesomatix parts from FFG and others include:
  • A700-AM43-1  x2
  • A700-AM44-1
  • A700-AM56
  • A700-B84RS
  • SB3X6
  • SB3X8   x4
  • SF3X8   x4
  • SF3X6   x4
  • SH3X5X0.1  x4

Assembly Diagrams