C01AL 2mm Alloy Chassis

The 2mm thick chassis lowers the center of gravity even further on the A700 series of cars.  The chassis is even narrower than the C01L design.

The C01AL is designed to work with the P06-1 Downstop Collars, but the P06 Downstop Collars can be used if glued into the chassis.


A second manufacturing run of both chassis, and a modified AM30-1 brace are in the process of being made.  Now available at shop.awesomatixusa.com

Notes from Oleg

  1. I recommend C01AL chassis only for very experienced drivers and car's builders. This chassis needs the additional measures to keep it at the flat state. 
  2. I recommend to use C01AL chassis only with the central stiffener installed. Otherwise this chassis will be too soft at the longitudinal bending. 
  3. AM30 stiffener is shorter and more easy for installation than the longer AM33 stiffener. AM33 needs the offset servo installation via the AM24 servo mount 
  4. Both AM30 and AM33 are not compatible with AM11 Tower and should be used or with FFG set or with the optional carbon main shaft or with 17,5 and slower motors that don't require the main shaft ballraced middle support. 
  5. The final flatness of of C01AL chassis depends on the proper installation of AM30 or AM33 stiffener. It is possible to adjust the longitudinal curvature of this chassis by means of the proper screwing. 
  6. Please don't try to bend this chassis by hands too much ( some persons like to find the limits of the bending) without FFG or carbon top deck installed. 
  7. I recommend to use the high strength epoxy glue at AM33 installation. So AM33 have to be 100% glued to alum chassis according to my opinion. I use "UHU Plus 300" 2-component epoxy adhesive for this. Otherwise you will have to check the flatness of the chassis after crashes and re-screw the stiffener very often to return the chassis to the flat state again. Another option more readily available in the US and Canada is J-B Weld although it takes longer to setup than UHU.  
  8. #7 will be useful also for AM30 to get 100% performance. 
  9. I recommend to scratch the contact surfaces of AM30 and AM33 before installation to increase the friction between the stiffener and the chassis , use all screws and tighten all screws as much as possible. You will have the possibility to adjust the longitudinal curvature of the chassis before the final tight screwing of all screws. 

Freddy and Viljami have used only the shorter stiffener (AM30) to this moment as they like the centered servo position that is possible only with the shorter AM30.

But Freddy's latest tests showed the advantages of the longer stiffener (AM33).

So I think now that the car will be better with AM33 but more difficult at assembling and maintenance.

Notes from Snowbirds

Installation of the P06-1 still required glue to prevent the inserts from popping up, and effecting droop settings.  The P06-1 where pushed in from the top, and after gluing, the plastic pieces sticking out the bottom of the chassis were trimmed off.  5mm set screws were used in the p06-1.  

Larry Fairtrace (in 17.5T and 13.5T) ran C01AL + AM30 with only the center screw hole filled with an flat head screw.  The two 'north' and two 'south' screws just had set screws installed to keep the brace from twisting.

Josh Cyrul and Mike Hanulec (in mod) ran C01AL + AM33 with all flat head screws but the most 'south' screw installed.  The AM33 braces were also JB Welded onto the chassis.  The chassis was tested for flatness after screwing the mount to ensure after the JB Weld dried everything was straight.  The chassis cured for 24 hours.